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No matter how well travelled you are, you won’t have been anywhere quite like Malay Borneo. The third largest island in the world has become famous for its orang-utans - arguably the most charming primates on earth - and infamous for the palm oil plantations that threaten their ancient rainforest home.

Eco-tourism offers a welcome alternative to less sustainable industry, and luckily there's still enormous biodiversity for visitors to enjoy. Behind the headlines, though, there's much more to this eco hotspot than its monkey business.

Borneo's coast is as enticing as its rainforest, with idyllic sandy beaches and tiny tropical islands that sit right in the Sea Turtle Corridor conservation zone. Diving here is phenomenal, and there are many chances to see turtles laying eggs and hatching on protected beaches. There are human-friendly beaches too, of course, perfect for lazy days after an adventure in Borneo's rugged interior.

Travelling through this region is a real eye-opener. You might plumb the depths of Mulu's record-breaking cave system, climb the highest mountain in Malaysia, and hike forest trails to observe pygmy elephants, proboscis monkeys and rhinos in their natural habitat.

We can give you the chance to slip through the rainforest on a traditional longtail riverboat, stay in tribal longhouses and jungle lodges, and socialise with indigenous tribes whose families have thrived here since prehistory. And that’s before you’ve even caught a glimpse of the Pongo pygmaeus - Malay for 'man of the forest', better known as the orang-utan, and the star attraction of any Borneo holiday. 

Our Borneo specialists have travelled extensively across the island, researching the best accommodation, wildlife-spotting sites and experiences. Book a tailor-made Borneo holiday to this treasured destination and we’ll show you the best bits of an unspoilt haven that is brimming with eco-treasures. 

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Capital: Kuching & Kota Kinabalu
flight time
Flight time from UK: 13-15 hrs
Currency: Ringgit
Citizens of the UK, most EU countries, Australia, New Zealand, Canada & the US do not require a visa to visit Malaysia.
Malay Borneo combines very well with Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand & Indonesia.

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