• Capital: Jakarta
  • Flight time from UK: 14 hrs
  • Currency: Rupiah
  • Indonesia combines well with Thailand, Malaysia & Singapore

Indonesia Holidays

With its 17,500 tropical islands, deep-rooted cultural richness, and biodiversity beaten only by Brazil, Indonesia is a study in variety.

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While this most famous tropical paradise easily satisfies those who prefer sunbeds on their sand, venture beyond the resorts and Bali is defined by quiet coasts, historic culture, volcanic treks and Ubud’s thriving artisan community.

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Indonesia Islands


Arguably the most cosmopolitan of Indonesia’s islands, Java is bursting with energy, from Jakarta’s bohemian nightlife and extravagant shopping, to superb surf along the pristine coastline of Ujung Kulon and Pangandaran.


While this most famous tropical paradise easily satisfies those who prefer sunbeds on their sand, venture beyond the resorts and Bali is defined by quiet coasts, historic culture, volcanic treks and Ubud’s thriving artisan community.


The next large island east of Bali, Lombok is beautiful and predominantly unspoilt, its natural landscape of picture perfect beaches and volcanic backdrop exactly what many people seek when they visit Indonesia.

Flores & Komodo

Visit Komodo and neighbouring Flores to encounter the infamous Komodo Dragons, lording it over their decidedly primeval landscape. Less well known is the world-class diving off these shores - it’s amongst the best we’ve experienced..

Kalimantan (Borneo)

Its magnificent rainforests home to thousands of species, including 89% of the world’s wild orang-utans, Kalimantan is South-East Asia’s top destination for nature holidays, with the chance to spot rare wildlife around every bend in the river.


Sumatra is a compelling destination for wildlife spotting, with endemic varieties of orangutan,tiger & rhino all present, although critically endangered. Despite significant deforestation, tropical jungle and mangrove forest still cover large areas of Sumatra’s imposing volcanic landscape.

Only 6,000 of Indonesia’s islands are inhabited by people, but its human population represents all creeds and has felt the influence of numerous global cultures, whilst retaining countless traditions and tribes of its own.
Half its landmass is covered in fertile tropical forests, the rest in richly varied micro-habitats, and the entire archipelago sits within warm seas that teem with life.

Such diversity doesn’t give us an easy task when asked to summarise the place! But it does make for an intriguing destination - indeed, if you were only allowed to take one brief trip to Southeast Asia in your lifetime, a holiday in Indonesia would arguably provide the most comprehensive sample of this diverse continent’s manifold influences and species.

Expect outstanding natural beauty and superb wildlife, for a start. These islands proved the Theory of Evolution, with thousands of species, many endemic, often found only on the individual islands where they first evolved, and now increasingly endangered. 40 of the world’s 200 primates live here, including several orangutan varieties. 50 national parks across the region strive to protect tigers, leopards, the Javan and Sumatran Rhino, Sumatran Elephant, Bird of Paradise, Komodo Dragon, the world’s largest bee, and its smelliest flower. Offshore, you’ll find the planet’s most diverse coral reef fish population - Indonesia’s diving is world class.

In the human population, you’ll find heartfelt hospitality, stylish attention to detail, cultural sites and sights reflecting a multitude of religions and historic global influences, with a tantalising cuisine that does likewise.

From chic luxury on Bali to Lombok’s quiet beach cool; Java’s jaw dropping volcanic vistas and the small matter of some legendary temples; to the primeval jungles of Kalimantan and Sumatra and the ancient tribal rituals practiced on Sumba; the islands of Indonesia promise a truly memorable experience.

Our tailor-made Indonesia holiday specialists have travelled extensively in Indonesia and across Asia, researching the best hotels, sites and activities. Book a tailor-made Indonesia holiday to this up-and-coming destination and we’ll show you the best bits of this unspoilt haven that is literally bursting with eco-treasures.