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Since we introduced Cambodia, this friendly country has blossomed into a haven of gorgeous underpopulated beaches, interesting accommodation, and superb opportunities for light adventure. 

The country’s beaches have really come back into their own - Cambodia’s south coast was the place to be seen before the dictator Pol Pot took control in the 1970s. Hundreds of stylish properties remain tucked away along its shoreline, quietly refurbished and enjoying a trendiness that still hasn’t reached the tourist masses. This makes Cambodia a particularly great shout for honeymoons, with exceptionally high quality and ethically run hotels like Song Saa topping our list of private coastal retreats.

This history-laden kingdom is full of surprises. More ancient Khmer ruins seem to pop out of the jungle every year, as the archaeologists continue to uncover the roots of one of South-East Asia’s most influential cultures, and although the majestic temples of Angkor Wat – one of the seven wonders of the forgotten world - are worth every accolade that is bestowed upon them, visitors are starting to realise that they can experience other grandiose jungle-clad ruins, often without the crowds that flock to Angkor.

Cambodia's eastern states have also now opened up, thanks to improved infrastructure and some creatively minded people. The results are some of the country's most unique travel experiences, with Mondulkiri’s Nature Lodge unquestionably amongst our favourites.

In the towns and cities, you’ll find low key glamour, some inherited and carefully resurrected, and some freshly formed, It’s ideal for relaxed fun, from soaking up the hazy atmosphere of Phnom Penh, where the Wild West meets Asia, to enjoying the laid-back, Colonial heritage of Kep and Kampot. 

For a more natural backdrop to your leisure time, explore the natural wealth of Koh Kong and the Cardamom Mountains, or Cambodia’s untamed north-east, all ideal for a cycling holiday or a few days trekking.

Several of our tailor-made holiday specialists have years of experience living in and travelling extensively throughout Cambodia, researching the best hotels, sites and activities. Book a holiday in Cambodia with us, and we’ll take you to the heart of this enigmatic country.

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Capital: Phnom Penh
flight time
Flight time from UK: 12.5 hrs
Currency: Riel
Citizens of the UK, EU countries, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the US and almost all other nationalities will require a visa
Cambodia combines particularly well with Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar & Thailand.

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