Laos weather & when to go: March

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Mekong River Levels

In recent years water levels on certain stretches of the Mekong River have reached record lows. This is not simply due to lower rainfall and global warming, but because of 8 new Chinese ‘super-dams’ stemming the water flow to ensure a plentiful water supply to regions of China outside of the Mekong River’s natural basin. The result of this damming is that the rivers fish stocks are declining dramatically in the lower Mekong countries, with other wildlife expected to become quickly over-hunted as a result.

At this time a typically disappointing amount of international pressure is being applied to China to exercise more stringent control on their damning procedure to ensure the countries of the lower Mekong receive acceptable levels of water.

March Overview

Things are starting to heat up across the country as we enter the penultimate dry-season month. The chances of rain remain very slim across the country and the mercury starts to rise with average temperatures of 29°C in Vientiane and Luang Prabang and 33°C further to the south. If you plan to travel in the north and east of the country, at higher altitudes, temperatures remain much cooler especially at night and suitable warm clothing is recommended.

March weather top tip

As the temperatures rise, head up into the hills or to the Bolevan Plateau for some more cooling temperatures.


Key Festivals & Religious Ceremonies

Lao People’s Revolutionary Party Day

Lao People’s Revolutionary Party Day

22nd March

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