Luang Namtha: An Introduction

The provinces of Luang Namtha is one of the centres for Laos' eco-tourism industry. The towns of Muang Sing and Luang Namtha are perhaps the best known, both popular for trekking and mountain biking. They are very popular places to visit and overall, deservedly so. If some of the work in these charming provincial towns could be replicated across the country, Laos would be setting itself some very firm foundations in the sustainable tourism department.

A chance encounter with one of Laos' distinctively dressed hill tribe people is one of the great pleasures of trekking through the north-west, a region that is home to many of the country's sixty-eight different ethnic groups. This region is a fantastic place to spend a few days, dropping the pace of your travel (and life) and it won't take long before you start to take a slightly more Laotian view on things!

Akha children in the protected national park near Luang Namtha

Trek virgin trails

There are very few truly exceptional trekking experiences left to 'discover' in Indochina - Luang Namtha is undoubtedly one of the last remaining gateways