Vat Phou Cruise

Mekong River Cruise (Pakse to Khong Island) - Deluxe


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    [1/5]  Step onboard this luxuriously converted rice barge
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    [2/5]  Luxury awaits on the communal deck
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    [3/5]  The elegant twin cabins
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    [4/5]  Cruising along the Mekong River
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    [5/5]  The Vat Phou cruising at sunset

This breathtaking, three-day journey includes stops at two of the Mekong River’s best-kept secrets – the World Heritage site of Wat Phou and the Oun Moung Temple.

The UNESCO-protected Wat Phou dates back more than 1,000 years and is widely regarded as one of the most outstanding examples of Khmer architecture, while Oun Moung is the remnants of a city lost in the jungle for centuries. Cruise leisurely south from Pakse aboard your ‘boutique river home’ passing through the timeless landscapes of Southern Laos. Other highlights include Si Phan Don, the 4,000 Islands and Pha Pheng, considered by many to be South East Asia’s largest waterfall.

This luxuriously converted barge ensures both comfort and convenience throughout your journey whilst gaining you access to some of Laos, perhaps Asia's, best kept secrets.

We Say

"Rightfully taking its place among the world's finest river experiences, the Vat Phou Cruise combines luxury, elegance and adventure perfectly."


4000 Islands (Si Phan Done)

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  • Your Accommodation
    • 12 Cabins
    • Deluxe cabin amenities
  • Eating & Drinking
    • Dining room
    • Bar
  • Leisure & Relaxation
    • Modern Safety Equipment
    • Communal decks
    • Sun decks

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