Hotel Lhakham

Muang La - Basic Guesthouse


Located right on the Nam Pak River in Muang La, this simple guesthouse comprises of a rather un-inspiring looking motel-style strip of rooms. However, step inside and you’ll be pleasantly surprised...

The rooms are remarkably spacious, with modern bathrooms and hot water, and each room has its own patio that enjoys scenic views across the river towards jungle covered hills. The owner has tried to keep everything as natural as possible with simple décor throughout. The lanterns and lightboxes are made from bamboo and paper, and the rooms feature exposed walls and plain wooden furniture.

Don’t expect wifi, air-conditioning or a TV; there’s no restaurant, but breakfast can be organised on request; and the service can be a little slow, but it’s a well-priced and very comfortable property.

We Say

"Hotel Lhakham happily surprised us: it’s a serious budget alternative to the neighbouring Muang La Resort. "


1km from Muang La bus station


  • Your Accommodation
    • 20 Rooms
    • Basic room amenities
  • Eating & Drinking
    • Breakfast available on request