Embrace life in Koh Kong & the Cardamom Mountains

The south-western corner of Cambodia is a nature lover's paradise. It’s finally coming into its own, thanks in part to the arrival of a rather unique floating, tented “resort”... more of that to come!

To reach the region, you have to drive south-west from Phnom Penh, then up along the Koh Kong Conservation Corridor. This area is rich in nature and bio-diversity, thankfully protected by the Cambodian government. The Cardamom Mountains are home to gibbons and monkeys, amongst other primates, and a wide variety of birdlife, such as hornbills. You may even spot an elephant if you are very lucky. The stunning range makes an impressive backdrop to much of the drive, and can be reached by a small detour from the main road south.

The remote village of Chi Pat, only accessible by dusty track, has joined forces with several neighbouring settlements to form a community-based eco-tourism project.

Founded by the Wildlife Alliance, the project consists of a few basic guesthouses and homestays. The villagers also participating in administration, cooking and guiding. Activities on offer range from relaxed cycling, close to the villages, to overnight camping in the hills and full-on five day treks. Mountain biking and boating are both available, and your programme will be arranged to suit your preferences. Your stay can range from an afternoon to a few days.

Now - back to those floating tents! The 4 Rivers Floating Lodge is just five minutes by boat from Tatai Bridge, 30 minutes to the north of Koh Kong itself. The resort is located on a quiet stretch of the river, well away from the disturbances of modern day life.

Luxury, African-safari style tents on connected platforms are nestled amongst pristine mangrove forest, around a central dining tent and terrace. The resort provides a range of light adventure activities such as kayaking, trekking, and exploring the mangrove forest. Alternatively it’s the perfect location to find a quiet spot and reconnect with the real you (that’s just chill out, enjoy each others’ company or read a good book, to you and me!)

Travelling further south, across the Tatai Bridge and through the small town of Koh Kong, there are a number of interesting spots to explore, the most popular probably being the Peam Krasaop Mangrove Forest and the town itself.

4 Rivers Floating Lodge, Tatai near Koph Kong Watch Video

The rumours are true; they're African safari-style tents and, yes, they are floating. Enjoy one of Cambodia's most unique experiences and get back to nature in style.