In effect, all our holidays are 'tailor-made'. Even if we start with one of our recommended itineraries, you'll still be able to tweak it to your requirements, but many clients ask us to tailor a one-off Asia holiday of their own.

This can involve adapting an existing itinerary or starting from scratch, and we have developed our range of personally selected Experiences to help you do either.

Often, your requirements may involve just a few small adjustments to one of our existing recommended holiday itineraries in order to be spot-on, but we are equally happy to create a completely new trip specifically for you.

A browse through our Tailor-made Experiences should give you some idea of many of the opportunities available to you, whether it's devoting your entire holiday to a personal passion like photography or wildlife, or you're planning a honeymoon around romantic moments like our desert island retreats and private boats.

Our Tailor-made holidays explained

All our itineraries can be customised to suit your interests, tastes, time available and budget. We can also create a holiday from scratch based on your wishes and requests.

  • Our selection of Experiences will let you cherry-pick your ideal holiday, leaving us to worry about logistics, bookings, and making sure your journey through Asia is everything you want it to be.
  • Once you've chosen a few favourites, call to discuss your holiday 'wish-list' with one of our team of Asia experts, who have all travelled extensively in their specialist destinations.
  • Use the search tool below to start exploring our range of Experiences in Asia.

A continent of opportunity...

'Whatever your tastes, talents or personal hobbies, Asia can accommodate you. Instead of booking a generic off-the-shelf holiday that's designed to suit as many people as possible, ask us to tailor one that's perfect to you - you won't be paying for anything you don't want...'


Ready to rest and relax?

Ways to tailor your holiday in Asia

Ways to tailor your holiday in Asia

  • Tell us what you do and don't like about one of our recommended itineraries - we'll take away the don't and add more of the do
  • Add a couple of our Experiences to your holiday for those 'cherry on top' moments
  • Use a selection of Experiences to show us what interests you - we can build a holiday around them
Asia Experiences to suit you & yours

Asia Experiences to suit you & yours

Our range of Asia Experiences help us (and you) put together a trip that suits you perfectly - whether you're going on holiday with your family, planning your dream honeymoon, keen to photograph a new country, or hoping to spot a rare species.

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Find InspirAsian on our blog

Find InspirAsian on our blog

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