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92% of guests rated our service as ‘excellent’ or ‘exceeding expectations at all levels’


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94% of guests rated their overall holiday experience as ‘excellent’ or ‘exceeding expectations at all levels’



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87% of returning guests that scored their consultant with the highest marks.


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Andrew, Nicola, Kevin, Lisa 19 September 2017


Consultant: Very well informed, responsive and helpful


App: Useful info but not specifically tailored to where we were going so not used much

Guide: We had 3 guides across the locations and all were exceptional. They couldn't do enough for us, were knowledgeable and helpful and built the itineraries around us. Could not fault them - best I've ever experienced.


Exceptional Properties: Boutique Hotel Hoi Ann was excellent and the bets. Hue and Saigon hotels also really good and well located, all with excellent staff.

Poor Properties: Essence Hotel Hanoi was having some work undertaken and we had to walk down the road to its sister hotel for breakfast. Otherwise very good and Hotel staff really helpful

Highlight: Lots to choose from - views of Halong Bay were stunning and the life of Saigon were probably the stand-outs. The Vietnam or told through th emuseums and Cu Chi tunnels very powerful.

Lowlight: The staff on the overnight stay on the Halong Bay boat were average to be honest. The food was good but little enthusiasm to do more than get through a set itinerary on or off board.

Peggy & Kenneth 18 September 2017

Website: We were having to find some help quickly with a trip (original plans had fallen through) so in searching on the web, came across your site, which was impressive and looked perfect for what we wanted. We've been pleased.

Consultant: It was very helpful having such quick responses to our inquiry, and very reassuring to speak with her and receive info and emails so promptly, helpfully, and thoroughly. She was great to work with.

Administration: Receiving the book of maps, flight info and itinerary was wonderful! Having it in hand to review was great (and reassuring)!

App: Wow wow wow! This was incredible... Not just our itinerary, etc., but all the general info and Vietnam specific info was great (each city with info regarding restaurants, shopping & all) We found the interactive map just great and we used it more than our phone's apple map... the only thing we'd say about it (the map) is that when you are using it, and try to go back to whatever else you were looking at, you had to start over, not easy to go right back to where you were.

Guide: Anh Ranoi (Hanoi/7 days) was a very nice young man, easy and comfortable to be with. He was very good with historical info. His wife had their 2nd baby while he was with us (he got us settled on boat in Halong Bay and took a bus back to Hanoi for the night, returning to pick us up at the boat at 10:30 the next morning... ! ... baby came a day earlier than expected... Hong Quong (Saigon) was also a very nice young man... very easy to talk to and understand and he was very comfortable answering any questions. We felt good with both guides and were very appreciative of their manner, help and professionalism. Both driver's were also great - good at what they do (driving in such crazy conditions!), and polite and helpful with us.

Itinerary: We loved all that we saw and did... it was a nice view of the northern area, and it felt like we were seeing and experiencing things by ourselves, without crowds. (We realize that we weren't traveling during the peak season... although Hanoi and Saigon both felt to us like "New Year's Eve" with such nighttime crowds!)

Exceptional Properties: *La Siesta in Hanoi was just wonderful, and we loved it. They have an amazingly well trained staff that is so courteous, helpful, polite and remembers your name. The feel of the hotel was great and breakfast was lovely. Arriving on a holiday weekend night, all on the streets in full swing was quite an experience! *EcoLodge in Mai Chau Valley was also exceptional. Such a beautiful setting and the room, outdoor shower, balcony & view... spectacular. We loved the food, which was our favorite of the trip, soooo fresh and light and flavorful. It was such a relaxing, peaceful and unique place in such an incredible setting... a favorite of ours. *The Bhaya Premium Boat was lovely! Great service (very enthusiastic butler - I'm referring to him as that, as his card does) and a beautiful room in such an amazing setting. You did well in setting my expectations low for vistas without other boats, but I was so pleasantly surprised at how many photos I got without other boats in view!

Poor Properties: No...

Highlight: Truly, it all was just wonderful and we enjoyed it tremendously... but if we had to pick highlights, I'd say the time hiking and biking in and around Mai Chau Valley was a great experience, and Halong Bay overnight on the boat was beautiful... all the fabulous vistas over rice fields and beautiful water in sunshine, moonlight and misty rain all made it memorable.

Lowlight: ...Probably that we didn't have the time to do and see more of the country... the central coast and beaches, the Delta... but... next time!

Nick and Rachel 18 September 2017

Website: Bit tricky to sort out access initially!

Consultant: Nothing was too much trouble for Claire. She answered all questions with pleasure. Steve also helped to sort out an add on.


App: Didn't need to use that much as the guide was excellent.

Guide: Priyantha was the perfect guide and excellent driver. He was a positive and happy person to spend time with and he loves his job and his country. His knowledge or ancient culture and the wildlife was detailed and informative. The perfect guide.

Itinerary: Nick worked very closely with Claire and the team to get the right balance. Priya made some minor adjustments which suited weather conditions on the day.

Exceptional Properties: Villa Rosa (Kandy) and Ferncliff (Nurelia) and Galle Face in Colombo. Pledge 3 was excellent for a first night and they were very welcoming after the long flight. The local restaurant was amazing.

Poor Properties: Nilavelli Beach Hotel was a little underwhelming for a beach resort hotel. Some of the staff didn't seem to be that enthused by their job!

Highlight: Sigiria climb, village experience and spotting elephants all in one day was fabulous. Horton Plains day also exceptional.

Lowlight: For us one day less in Nilavelli would have been fine.

Shirley & Kevin 15 September 2017


Consultant: Both Anna and Andrew were excellent. Always helpful and going the extra mile to make sure everything was done to make our trip successful.

Administration: The travel pack and apps were excellent and very useful. The one thing that we would suggest is that on arrival at a station the exit to use for the hotel we were booked in would have been really usefu.


Guide: All guides were extremely professional and knowledgeable. We never felt under any time pressure even though there obviously were points were we had to be somewhere at a particular time eg catching a pre booked boat. Our first guides was particularly patient with us as there was a issue with my brother getting his JR rail card. Totally his issue but she stayed very calm and was extremely helpful and I'm sure worker over her allotted hours. I would like to thank her very much.


Exceptional Properties:

Poor Properties:

Highlight: As a party of five I believe we all had different highlights but safe to say we all had the most amazing holiday experience.

Lowlight: Coming home

Violet, Maya & Charles 14 September 2017


Consultant: Kate is fantastic! From the first email and throughout all of our conversations she was spot on. Please let her know we had the trip of a life time and are planning to return to Asia again. I really appreciated her opinions and insight.

Administration: The travel pack is great. Having the paper itinerary was wonderful. To be honest the maps were not useful to us because we did not visit those cities. I really liked the emergency contact number list. We never had to use thankfully but still a necessity.


Guide: In Kuala Lumpur we had KS. His English superb. Very passionate about his country and knowledgable about Malaysia history and politics. In Borneo we had a lady named Rose through MY nature resort, she was fabulous with our 3 year old daughter and her English superb.

Itinerary: The itinerary was just a little fast paced but I am the one who chose to do this, Looking back we had a few too many flights keeping in mind we were travelling with a 3 1/2 year old. But if I had to do it again I probably would because of the array of places visited and experiences.

Exceptional Properties: Komodo resort!!!! Phenomenal, really the highlight of the trip Abai river lodge was surprisingly nicer than I would have thought in the middle of a rainforest and so remote

Poor Properties:

Highlight: definitely Komodo resort. pristine nature and the diving was incredible, coral health was remarkable

Lowlight: many flights and the orangutan sanctuary is really more like a mini zoo, you can only view the orangatans behind glass, unless you are lucky enough to spot them in a tree.

Chris & Penelope 12 September 2017


Consultant: Clearly has a very good knowledge of the country and was very informative



Guide: Our guide Upul Perera was excellent and always willing to go the extra mile (literally in some instances). He seemed to know our needs before we did and suggested several little extras that we very much appreciated, such as a visit to a tea factory, and also to a supermarket and beers shop before our beach stay. He was very informative at the right level (enough but not too much) and was always able and willing to give extra information when we asked. He clearly had some favourite places in our itinerary, and these also turned out to be ours, so we were obviously very well matched. We also enjoyed a similar sense of humour, so had a great time overall.

Itinerary: This is our fault because we agreed to the itinerary, but we felt we could have used a little more time to 'process' one day before moving on to the next activity. Many early morning starts inevitably meant early nights and we got pretty tired towards the end of the holiday. Consequently we cancelled the activity day in Batticaloa. Looking back, we also feel the village experience in Sigiriya would have been better omitted. Also, the train journey could have been reduced (the best part of the journey is the first half) or planned differently, as we had to drive back to Ella from Gal Oya (our fault, as I know we had discussed this). These are minor comments though and we have come home feeling we saw and experienced pretty much everything we wanted to. It just could have been better with a few extra 'down days' but I realise that would have extended the holiday and increased the cost.

Exceptional Properties: Fort Printers in Galle Mountain Heavens in Ella Gal Oya Lodge

Poor Properties: No, but we did find Ozo in Kandy a bit of a culture shock coming immediately after Gal Oya. It was a perfectly fine hotel but just very corporate so lacked the personal touch we experienced everywhere else.

Highlight: Leopard sighting in Yala Gal Oya Lodge and the boat safari - this made us realise how much we value peace and tranquilllity on holiday. The lodge accommodation was spacious, peaceful and comfortable and the staff and food were excellent The Buddha statues at Gal Vihara (Polonnaruwa)

Lowlight: The local guide for the Ella Rock walk was not terribly sensitive to our need to go at our pace not his and did not properly communicate that he was taking a different and much harder route down, which we would not have chosen, especially as it then required a tuk-tuk ride back up hill to