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Lesley & Paul 18 January 2018

Consultant: Steve was very quick to answers any questions, or if he was unavailable another member of staff would quickly reply.

App: We often used the app to find out what was happening next on our holiday.

Guide: All our guides were great, but Aiman Prem was outstanding. He looked after us from landing at KL until we said goodbye at Belum. He had the uncanny knack of finding prime parking spots wherever we went and took us to some unscheduled stops along the way, making good use of time, that, otherwise would have been spent hanging around waiting to check-in to hotels. We enjoyed his company.

Itinerary: We decided to forgo the 2nd day's planned tour in Penang and did our own thing wandering around town for the day, as we felt we'd seen lots of temples etc by then.

Exceptional Properties: All the hotels were great with the exception of one.

Poor Properties: Belum Rainforest Resort was a big disappointment. It wasn't very clean - dinner plates and cutlery were outside the room next door and still there when we left on the 3rd morning. We had issues with our room - the connecting door (to the next room) did not close properly and the room safe was already locked, meaning we couldn't use it - both problems unresolved, so we felt safety of our belongings was compromised and staff were unconcerned. Food and service wasn't good either, so we felt it was not value for money. The scheduled trip was very good (although again there was miscommunication, so we had to wait over 1 hour before it began) and the guide was good - the only saving grace.

Highlight: Hard to choose as we liked different aspects of the different destinations. We learned a lot and a chance to relax.

Lowlight: Belum Rainforest Resort Hotel - we couldn't wait to leave.

Richard & Emma 16 January 2018

Website: Easy to navigate around and with helpful pointers and tips. Whether you're a seasoned traveller or a first-timer, there's something that everyone needs help with and the site is perfect for those sorts of questions or issues.

Consultant: Martin was great - he worked out an itinerary with us, recognising our particular wishes but also suggesting some things that we hadn't thought about which helped to further enrich our experience. He kept us well informed and sent us prompts and alerts when appropriate or needed. He also has a great manner which, even when something is definitely your fault, makes it sound that he has just thought of it as something that will benefit our experience!

Administration: The pack contained all that we really needed but, in comparison to what I received for my Vietnam/Cambodia trip, was perhaps a little light on detail about some of the major sights seen and sites visited.

Guide: Aruna was truly superb and we cannot recommend him highly enough. Without him, our holiday would have been very much the poorer.

Itinerary: We had sufficient time on the various legs of our trip to be flexible - so, for example, rather than cramming a visit to the Temple of the Tooth at Kandy into the afternoon of our arrival in the city, we chose to go instead to the botanical gardens (nearer our hotel) and went to the Temple the following morning (when we were originally scheduled to go to the gardens). The change worked perfectly for us.

Exceptional Properties: The Cinnamon Citadel at Kandy, The Fort Printers at Galle and The Villa at Bentota are all tied in first place!

Poor Properties: None

Highlight: The diversity of the whole experience - it's a cop-out, but there is nothing that we would set aside from the quality of the whole trip.

Lowlight: Dealing with an unpleasant flu virus that we had picked up before leaving the UK!

Eileen & family 16 January 2018

Website: no

Consultant: I dealt with Danielle and she was wonderful

Administration: very professional when we received our itinerary booklet it was fantastic and really got us excited about our trip

Guide: Our guides were wonderful, friendly, helpful and insightful Chang, Chung, Tang

Itinerary: If i was to be picky I might leave out Hue as there was not a lot to it. Maybe we were in need of sunshine by then so that may not of helped but the hotel was wonderful

Exceptional Properties: Ha Noi, Hue, Saigon, PhuQuoc, all hotels wonderful.

Poor Properties: the hotel in Hoi An was not as good (food not great) but it was raining non stop so that possibly effected our opinion

Highlight: vespa tour in Hanoi Halog bay saigon hotel

Lowlight: Hue

Gordon & Valerie 14 January 2018

Consultant: Having been to Laos on various occasions Lionel had a great amount of knowledge and experience and he was simply amazing throughout the booking process and with various follow up questions that we had.

Administration: It was a surprise to receive such a good and well prepared travel pack. Never had this before with any other company with whom we have travelled.

Guide: We had various guides on our trip and they were all first class.

Itinerary: Particularly in southern part of Laos the days were very long and ideally we would have had an extra free day on Don Daeng where we could have explored the island and made full use of the excellent hotel.

Poor Properties: Sinouk Coffee Resort.

Highlight: Have to say no one highlight as such. We enjoyed the whole experience.

Lowlight: The fact that the days in south Laos were so long and it became frustrating that we seemed to be travelling all the time.

Susan & John 13 January 2018

Guide: altogether we had 4 guides. the 2 guides in Cambodia were excellent ;the guide Diem Le in Hue was also excellent. Unfortunately the guide we had for the longest was the least good,namely Giang,in Hanoi.. He had good english and knowledge of the area but didn't listen to what we asked him.he spent much of our car journeys talking to the driver in Vietnamese. As john is a potter in england we asked to go to the ceramic village on the way from Halong Bay to Hanoi,specifically to see pots being made ,fired and glazed....he took us to a large sales outlet where nothing was being made.We were dumped at the airport with about 4 hrs 30 mins or more to spare and he obviously wanted to get away as soon as possible having collected his tip. Also when we were in Mai Chau he suggested that the tip we were going to give the man who came on a bike ride with us was insultingly small ! I'm not actually sure why we needed to tip him anyway as the cycle trip was paid for and the hotel employed him to look after bikes etc ?

Exceptional Properties: Mai Chau eco lodge,Moon garden home stay,V Mansion boutique hotel

Poor Properties: home Indo china,the staff were very helpful and kind,the garden and small pool delightful but our room on the ground floor seemed to be in the middle of a shower room renovation,walls dust plastered,no tiles rough edges,fairly pathetic shower and in the bedroom only one electric socket so you either had the light on or charged your phone. No proper cupboard or drawer space for clothes.

Highlight: vespa food safari,cycling around the temples at siem reap,visiting the lesser known temples and also cycling around Hue.short kayak paddle east of Halong Bay around the islands. The stay at Mai Chau and surrounding area

Lowlight: some of the stops on longer journeys at 'tourist trap shops'. The invasion of large groups of noisy Chinese and South Koreans at many of the more popular tourist sites. Tipping ! In Cambodia everyone seemed genuinely pleased to get a tip. In Vietnam,where the travel guides say tipping is not the norm,the first guide we came in contact with seemed to expect tips,and almost demanded that we tipped any local guide that tagged along on our trip,some seemed totally unnecessary.

Nilesh & Shirley 09 January 2018

Website: None

Administration: The pack is fine and covers what it needs to. The app is very useful.

Guide: You should also ask to rate the drivers as they play an important part when travelling through the country by car. Both were very good but the driving skills of Mr Leak were excellent.

Itinerary: After the first morning off the rest of the trip until we got to Song Saa was too packed and did not allow us to make use of the hotel facilities. Most days were around 8-9 hours.

Exceptional Properties: Belmont in Siem Reap was excellent. Bambu in Battambang was adequate as we expected. Palace in Phnom Penh was a good property with poor service and Song Saa, for what they charge, is ok.

Poor Properties: All were fine.

Highlight: The street food evening.

Lowlight: The long days and the motor bike taxi up the hill can be deemed to be dangerous for some. You wax too lyrically about certain things which are not quite that. You should also get our home address correct. Other than the delivery of the final papers it also impacted the pick up by Emirates which we sorted out.

Louise & family 04 January 2018

Website: very helpful and great to be able to see the hotels etc that have been suggested

Consultant: martin was very knowledgeable and created a really good itinerary for us - he listened and gave some great recommendations - I would highly recommend him. There was one issue with a hotel charge which he dealt with quickly and efficiently - even though it was New Year holiday.

Administration: Loved all the details, the app and the little touches like the gift of tea and a bottle of wine being given to us for New Year, flowers on arrival at the airport - made it feel like a really personal and special service.

App: Didn't really look at it until we were on holiday but it was really good. There was one tiny error on our app itinerary - it said we had 1 safari, whereas our paper itinerary detailed 2. We nearly missed our first safari, but our guide had also checked his paperwork so came to find us and we got there, only slightly late. Other than that it was excellent and really good to have when out and about

Guide: Very good - he knew the area well, made some good suggestions en-route and was always polite, professional and efficient. He knew where we had to be and when and gave us tips on where to stand, where to be to make the most from the activities! he was a very safe driver and I felt safe with him at the wheel of the car, despite Sri Lanka's crazy roads!

Itinerary: A learning for us, travelling with small children is that ideally we would have 2 nights in each location, but this wasn't possible on our itinerary and was not Martin's fault - as we had requested 5 days chill time over Xmas, and we didn't want to sacrifice this, but it is something that we would bear in mind ourselves if we were to book again. Possibly adding approximate travel times between locations would be helpful and manage expectations. In Sri Lanka some roads were highways and quite fast (e.g. down the south coast), whereas the road from Kandy to Negombro didn't look far on the map, but took hours - way longer than we had expected in advance, and even the train ride to Kandy (which was amazing) - we didn't realise until we got to the station would be 6 hours - we were expecting about 2!

Exceptional Properties: We LOVED the Lantern in Mirissa - it was perfect for our Xmas break and I cannot recommend it highly enough - the staff were fantastic. Although varied, all of the accommodation was good

Poor Properties: The one hotel I would not recommend was the one at the safari - Udawalawi. The food was cold and terrible and it was generally a dark hotel stuck in a bit of a time warp, but once again the staff were lovely.

Highlight: Staying at the Lantern in Mirissa - it was perfect! The kids also loved visiting the turtle sanctury, riding on elephants, the safari and generally just seeing a different world

Lowlight: Some of the driving took a lot longer than I had anticipated for the children- so from leaving Udawalawi to Negrombo it felt like we were driving a lot - on bumpy roads - although the scenery was beautiful.

Garry, Karen & Ellena 02 January 2018

Consultant: From the initial brief, Martin Lake understood our preferences and created an itinerary perfectly suited for our first trip. It was also done very quickly and the recommendations made were excellent.

Administration: The best information ever provided by a travel specialist. Both the booklet, pack and the app made the whole experience so much easier. It also gave us more confidence to know the detail for each day, including visits to temples and other activities.

App: Amazing. Never used a more sensible and interactive app . A distinct USP as was the departure lounge information. Used it on many occasions and have downloaded the details for other countries to use in consideration of future trips. The ability to use offline was priceless.

Guide: Kalana, (Kalyana) was incredible. If there was a rating higher than excellent we would give it. I cannot praise him enough. His professionalism, knowledge, communication and all round friendliness enabled us to focus on enjoying the holiday with no concerns about arrangements. there was no time when we did not know what and when we were doing something or had to worry about timing for collections etc. He bought the trip to life and added to it along the way. His driving is incredible and safe considering Sri Lankan roads and the hours he had to drive. I would not want anybody else when we return next Christmas.

Itinerary: We wanted an active, well mixed and balanced itinerary and that is exactly what we got. From it we have learned a lot for the next one.

Exceptional Properties: All were of a very high standard and relevant. However Chena Huts, Aditya, Elepahant Stables and Vil Uyana were each amazing in their own way. Aditya is probably the best considering the hotel, location, service and the warm welcome and excellent New years Eve event.

Poor Properties: I would raise a couple of comments about GalOya which I will do by Phone. I would stress that the Sri Lankan staff were amazing and extremely professional. Front of house/Guest coordination has room for improvement in our opinion.

Highlight: All of it. Specifically the people at all properties and Kalana.

Lowlight: The new rules for vehicle limitations whilst at Chena Huts. Had to be up at 3.30 am to be in the que. Tickets only sold at around 5 am and then have to wait until 6am to enter park. I stress this is not a Chena huts issue but one the relevant department in Sri lanka needs to find a better solution for.

Nicole, Arianna & Siamak 02 January 2018

Website: Super useful website as I check the "when to go" first, then country/itineraries and hotel options to start planning

Consultant: Martin was very quick/efficient and accommodating of all changes to help us get exactly what we wanted for our 2nd trip to Vietnam

Guide: We really enjoyed our time with our Guide who was always punctual, very easy going and very knowledgeable in answering all our questions

Itinerary: Very happy with our intinerary

Exceptional Properties: The Hanoi hotel had very good service and a very nice restaurant, but even on the top floor it was a bit noisy. For Phu Quoc we loved the Chen Sea pool villa - it was the idea family retreat for a week

Highlight: the overnight luxury cruise in Halong Bay was amazing, and we really loved our week in Phu Quoc

Lowlight: N/A

Gill & family 29 December 2017

Itinerary: Swapped the sunrise visit to Angkor Wat to day two, as we didn’t feel like such an early start on our first morning after a night flight.

Highlight: My highlight was visiting and eating lunch with the local village family. They were so friendly, a real insight into local rural life. Visiting The Killing Fields was astonishing and unmissable.

Lowlight: Not really sure.

Dave & Margaret 28 December 2017

Itinerary: Some of the driving days seemed very long,

Exceptional Properties: Secret Kandy; fantastic food, service, and room.

Highlight: Horton Plains, and Bundala.

Lowlight: Some of the driving was very tedious.

Suzanne and Davi 24 December 2017

Website: It would be useful if video content could be added for resorts and hotels.

App: There was not much extra content on the destinations we visited so it did not enhance our holiday.

Guide: Communication with the guide in Bangkok was excellent. The islands guide (through EXO agency) didn't speak much English , which made communication a little tricky but he did go out of his way to look after us, such as booking restaurants and taxis.

Exceptional Properties: Shantaa on Koh Kood was beautiful and the staff in Seavana on Koh Mak were incredibly helpful and friendly.

Highlight: Koh Kood - facilities, setting and staff

Gary and Jenni 22 December 2017

App: I have an Android phone, so the itinerary was not available on the app. This did not matter as the printed itinerary was excellent. We looked at the information on the app before we left, but to be honest did not use it whilst away, as we relied on the local knowledge of the guides

Guide: I will caveat the 'excellent' scores for the guides... Two were truly excellent (Moe in Mandalay and Vivienne in Inle Lake). However the guides in Kalaw (Lahma) and Yangon (Robert) contrasted sharply. They seemed to be 'going through the motions'. On a few occasions, we had to hang around whilst they chatted to friends and other guides. In Yangon, Robert had an umbrella for shade as it was extremely hot. Jenni borrowed his as he did not think to remind us to bring ours. All the guides were very flexible with the itinerary. The drivers could not be more helpful and we felt extremely safe.

Itinerary: All the places we visited were as good or better than expected. The only exceptions were: 1. Mount Popa - The view from the mountain opposite is excellent (they are about to open a new viewing platform at the Medicinal Plant Nursery). However it certainly not worth the climb. The view from the top is nothing special. The village and temple at the top is full of kitsch tourist tat. The incessant pestering for donations for cleaning (the only place in Myanmar we experienced this) and monkeys were doubly annoying as it was very dirty. Other than the view from the mountain opposite, I'd give it a miss. 2. Salin. Whilst at Kalaw, we went for the day to Chauk and Salin. It was a very long drive and when we got there we discovered there wasn't a single water lily in flower. This was to be the highlight of the day and apparently the guide knew it was not the right time of year to see them flowering. The market in Chauk was fantastic; one of the best we went to. Unless the water lilies are in flower, I'd stop at Chauk (and maybe just a bit further to see the chillies drying in fields). We were very grateful for our 'day off' at Inle Lake towards the end of the trip. This was an ideal place to kick-back and relax. The cookery course was fabulous. We are very grateful not to have stayed there as Inle Lake View was much quieter (and no cats!).

Exceptional Properties: All the properties were excellent and the staff wonderful. The Inle lake View Resort and Bagan was outstandingly beautiful.

Poor Properties: No

Highlight: Inle Lake and Bagan temples and sunsets

Lowlight: The long car journey to Salin.

Anna & James 21 December 2017

Guide: Lucky was absolutely brilliant. He was so jolly and upbeat, his positive attitude made all the car journeys so enjoyable. He always thought of every detail, getting us water and helping us plan our meals when we had busy days planned. He went the extra mile, taking photos etc. We would love to go on a trip with him again.

Itinerary: We hadn't quite realised how many early starts we would have, it was fine but we hadn't realised there would be 3.30am and 5am starts. However, this did mean we made the most of the day but it did come as a shock so we were quite exhasuted by the last day. We were a little disappointed that our guide told us 'Adams Peak' was out of season, if we had known we may have chosen a different place to go to.

Exceptional Properties: The Casa Helonica was fantastic, Chena Huts was amazing and Coco Palm in Maldives.

Poor Properties: We had an incident that due to weather we couldn't arrive at the Coco Palm, the hotel we were taken to was not pleasant at all, awful food, the room was very basic with a very uncomfortable bed. It is very disappointing that we've had to pay for the full night at the coco palm when we didnt spend the night there.

Highlight: The safari trips at the Chena huts was absolutely amazing. We had a brilliant tour guide called Damien Godfrey and we saw two leopards on our first day! We came very close to an elephant crossing the road outside our hotel and saw them in the wild at the park too. The Chena Huts were incredible, the rooms were wonderful and so well equipped and the food in the restaurant was amazing. All of the staff were so friendly and helpful.

Lowlight: We were disappointed with the trip to Hatton. On arrival our guide told us that as we were out of season, we couldn't climb Adams Peak at sunrise as we had planned. So we went at 10am and we made it up 3/4 of the way but due to the weather we were advised not to go any further. The guide also told us that had we gone during season, there would of been cafes/shops open and a better atmosphere. If we had known it wasnt the correct season, we would of arranged to go to a different part of Sri Lanka. Especially as the drive there was very long and we spent the whole of Saturday in the car driving back to Colombo feeling exhasuted.

Kevin and family/friends 19 December 2017




Balthasar & Simone 19 December 2017

Exceptional Properties: Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort

Highlight: Angkor Temples

Joan 18 December 2017

Consultant: answered every and made it easy to seek information which resulted in a more secure and easy experience.

Administration: presented so beautifully and containing all aspects of the journey. Also extremely useful memento. Congratulations to whoever devised the idea and whoever compiled all sthes relevant information.

App: So easy.

Guide: Oneareful and experienced.c particular guide called 'Bun' in Siem Reap and one in Phnom Pen, called 'Thiara', so very well informed and considerate. They made a huge difference to our experience. However, every guide was good and the driver were very

Itinerary: If the second days events in Siem Reap could be exchanged with the first day, it would have been better from a tiredness perspective. ie, TSonle Sap Lake on day one and Ankor Wat. But this is not a complaint, just a suggestion

Exceptional Properties: And the staff were excellent.

Poor Properties: no

Highlight: Getting to visit villages and sharing a meal with a host family.,

Lowlight: The extreme humidity, which is unavoidable

Elaine and Roland 18 December 2017

Consultant: Martin gave us excellent advice when planning our trip which we are glad we took because the itinerary and hotels were perfect.

Administration: All documentation was sent promptly

Exceptional Properties: Fort Bazaar was a fab hotel but the cost of food and drink was extremely high compared to the other hotels we stayed at. Surprisingly we loved The Grand Hotel even though we prefer modern and contemporary to olde worlde. The staff were super helpful and friendly and the food at all the outlets was amazing. Kalu's Hideaway was set in beautiful surroundings. The quality of food on the evening buffet was a bit hit and miss....terrible starters and desserts but 5 gorgeous vegetarian curries for mains as well as a selection of meat/pasta/fish dishes. Ozo was a modern, clean basic hotel with a lovely roof top bar and the food was good.

Poor Properties: I was a bit dubious about staying in standard accommodation but all the hotels exceeded expectations

Highlight: The whole trip was an amazing adventure. We loved travelling through the stunning scenery of this lush, verdant country especially tea country and enjoyed our visit to the two tea factories. We liked the hustle and bustle in Kandy city which contrasted with the calm botanical gardens and the beautifully kept and tranquil War Cemetery. We loved seeing the elephants at Udawalawe and at the orphanage. Galle was a nice upmarket touristy town but with over inflated tourist prices to match.

Lowlight: Deen took us to the optional Kandyan Cultural Show which was okay I suppose for 1000 rupees each. The Temple of the Tooth was heaving and we went in the evening so didn't really get to fully appreciate the surroundings. The most disappointing aspect of the trip was our highly anticipated train journey did not go ahead due to a strike

Carol & Peter 18 December 2017

Guide: All our guides were fabulous. Binh Hue, HOi An. Tam - Ho Chi Minh City,what a great young man. Sarek Phonm Penh - hilarious, Lau Siem Reap. The man is an inspiration, tour guide by day, university by night, always smiling and very knowledgeable.

Exceptional Properties: Hoi An- Boutique. Essence Hanoi

Highlight: Bassac Mekong cruise, Royal Palace Phonm Penh

Ann & Alan 13 December 2017

Website: Good for giving ideas of different activities. Good selection of hotels. Easy to navigate website.

Consultant: We seemed to be asking a lot but Simon Davis worked hard to put all we wanted into the itinerary. He kept us well informed at every stage.

Administration: Twice we were asked at hotels for proof that their bill had been paid in advance but we did not have anything except our final invoice which doesn’t itemise different things. Perhaps a system of vouchers to hand over would be of use?

Guide: Simon in Melaka, Belum, Ipoh etc was great. He gave us just the right amount of info and was really pleasant and answered our many questions without any sign of frustration, not an easy task for him as much of the time he was driving! Phillip in Penang was very knowledgeable. Lo in KL was also extremely knowledgable but spoke very quickly and never stopped so although we enjoyed her company it was exhausting trying to keep up!

Itinerary: The waterfall walk at Belum rainforest resort was MUCH more difficult than we had expected and in fact was very dangerous. We were lucky not to have an accident or break a limb. We were properly dressed etc but it had been very wet and although we were expecting to walk to a waterfall and picnic beside it, we in fact walked up it, through torrents of water over very slippery boulders with only a few ropes and the guide to hang on to.

Exceptional Properties: 23 Love Lane in Penang

Poor Properties: Happy 8 in Ipoh. The bed was like concrete, have never experienced such an uncomfortable bed. It was a lovely quaint place and well placed in centre but no tea or coffee in room and had to ask in restaurant for it which would have been ok but the kitchen staff didn’t speak English so had no idea what we wanted! The room was small which was ok for a night but really noisy plumbing from all rooms and no hot water.

Highlight: The mix of cultures and the colonial history. Also the Peranakan mansion in Penang.

Lowlight: Night walk and fountain walk in Belum.

Cameron and Joanna 13 December 2017

Consultant: Lionel was great throughout particularly responsive in sorting out one small problem whilst we were away

App: Navigating between pages can be clunky, this could be improved. Would like to add some restaurant recommendations but not sure how.

Guide: Would particularly recommend Lama in Bagan. Knowledge and communication with local people was great and he loved taking us to unusual locations to meet local people. Also skilled photographer and knows where to go for the best shots

Itinerary: Would have liked an hour or two less sometimes with the guide to explore more on our own

Exceptional Properties: Inle Lake View was stunning but Ngapali Bay Villa and Spa was outstanding

Highlight: Seeing and meeting local people, Inle Lake and the monastery trek was especially memorable

Lowlight: Too many pagodas

Douglas & Margaret 12 December 2017

Consultant: The planning and execution went very well. The schedule, while interesting required longer days and travel than we had appreciated. Plans were modified with the active cooperation of guides and the trip was a success.

Guide: Our best guides were in Siem Reap (Bun) and Vietnam (Cong C) and they were excellent. The other two guides were very good.

Itinerary: We made a number of modifications to the scheduled trip to shorten days and reduce the length of driving. we also, in Hanoi, turned a very long first day into a half day, pushing the second half of that day into a subsequent free day, making two half days. Our guides were totally helpful in making these changes. I recognize that we like an easier pace than most.

Exceptional Properties: Viroth's Hotel, The Sanctuary (after our room was changed), Muang La, Mandala Ou (wonderful view, nice balcony, good food, in spite of a basic roomand primitive bathroom; all very good considering the remote location), Essence Hotel. also the Bhaya Premium - we had an excellent room.

Poor Properties: Emeralda was a weird hotel, but probably the best in the area. Large and glitzy bedroom and bathroom, but no convenient sitting area in spite of adequate space and no chairs on patio; for some reason they played "jingle bells" and other jaunty Christmas music over dinner.

Highlight: Many. the expected sites and experiences; learning about the countries from the guides, the countryside and the people.

Lowlight: Having poorer rooms in good hotels for our first three hotels; this was promptly fixed when I complained. Dinh & Le temples, of which very little is original not really worthwhile, but possibly necessary to round out the time in Ninh Binh. The cave seen when in Halong Bay was eclipsed by the terrific cave complex of the Galaxy Grotto which was not specifically part of our trip, but which our guide took us to. Completely private. Long days planned and long planned drives. In Siem Reap we had our guide replace a long day to Prasat Thom and area with the closer (though also more crowded) closer temple in a completely natural state.

Fionuala & Graham 11 December 2017

Consultant: Efficient and prompt replies to any questions and e mails. Made appropriate suggestions which proved to be very useful.

Exceptional Properties: Bagan Lodge was wonderful. Excellent sized room and bathroom. Good Happy Hour too,

Poor Properties: No

Highlight: Loved Bagan. Wished we had booked another day there exploring on own on e bike. Enjoyed relaxing in afternoon at pool at Bagan Lodge. Also really enjoyed boat trip. Only 50% occupancy which made it a nice small group to get to know.

Lowlight: Traffic in Yangon over which you have no control! The long trip on Lakr Inle on a very noisy and not very comfortable boat. They are all the same. Glad we stayed at Viewpoint Lodge but it meant a long trip to the south of the lake where everything was. Had not really realised this. Trip on second day went better after we asked for stops every 20 mins. Guide very accommodating and tried very hard to please. Enjoyed chatting to him on our coffee stops.

Margot & Blake 09 December 2017

Consultant: A bit of confusion on timing between booking our flights and confirming itinerary but overall appreciated consultant's input on where to go on such short notice.

Administration: The estimated travel times in the travel pack were pretty different from what we actually experienced. We thought we would have a bit more leisure time outside of the car then we actually did. However, I really liked having the printed booklet to refer to everyday. I jotted notes here and there and actually think there could be even more additional pages for notes then there are. I ran out of space very quickly!

App: The app was kind of fun to have but there were always a couple details that were wrong in our itinerary and it felt like I already had the info I needed between the travel booklet and Lonely Planet. The recommendations for key cities were interesting to read thru but perhaps more useful to travelers with more free time to explore.

Guide: We had an excellent trip with Hung. He is incredibly knowledgeable about Vietnam and Hanoi and has great energy and positivity. He made our trip very pleasant and memorable between his information and great photo taking! I did feel like there was a slight disconnect between what we conveyed to the consultant and the actual experience - I had expected a bit more opportunity to see textiles, workshops, etc but we were kept to the prepared itinerary, which was so full there were days we didn't do everything listed.

Itinerary: There were days that were well-paced and others that were rushed. As mentioned, the itinerary under estimated the travel time more then once so we had less leisure time then we expected. That being said, we only had ~10 days on the ground so are glad to have had a really rich and full time. It would have just helped to have had more accurate info from the start. Our consultant was able to get us a free day at Topas Ecolodge which was worth every single minute and helped compensate for the rest of the very full itinerary.

Exceptional Properties: We loved the variety of lodging that we experienced. Topas Ecolodge, BB Hotel + Essence d'Orient were exceptional. The Nam Cang river lodge was a bit musty but the river location was out of this world. The homestay location was also an amazing location. Dong Van was also kind of fun although we didn't have much time to enjoy the VIP status!

Poor Properties: Truong Xuan Resort was a bit funky and the food wasn't as good as the other places. However, our stay was so short it was fine.

Highlight: There are so many and for so many different reasons. Would first like to say that we had an absolutely unbelievable trip and couldn't have done this without Selective Asia. We booked w/very little time both in advance of our departure and for the trip overall. For the time we had, we were able to see so much and learn an incredible amount as well. Selective Asia allowed us to really maximize our time and enjoy it as well! Topas Ecolodge is a definite highlight - it is an exceptional location and we had perfect weather to enjoy the place as well as the surrounding area as it was our free day. Dong Van was fascinating and the mountain passes were incredible. Again, the weather could not have been better. Overall we were so pleased that we were able to see different ethnic groups and really get a sense of their identities. We didn't see as many as was listed in the booklet but those that we did see really came alive both because of our itinerary and our guide.

Lowlight: That it's over! There were definitely times that were rushed and a couple days we ran out of time to do things. There were also very long days in the car with at times too many photo stops!

Robert & Sophia 08 December 2017

Consultant: Claire was extremely helpful and accommodating

Administration: Lovely touch receiving the curry package, thanks

App: I don't think we used it to it's full potential as had limited time in each location

Guide: Our guide in Hanoi, Ha, was absolutely lovely. Some confusion at the airport as to whom she was supposed to be picking up but we got there in the end. I don't think it was really necessary to put her through the 3 hours journey to Halong bay and then pick us up again to take us to the airport. The driver could have assisted us, I'm sure.

Itinerary: We arrived back at Halong Bay in good time and then were far too early for our flight to Bangkok. We were offered a stop at a ceramic factory or the like but would rather have been able to stop at a bar and have a leisurely drink before onward trip to the airport.

Exceptional Properties: La Siesta in Hanoi was lovely, as was the Aleenta in Phuket. The suite in our Bangkok hotel was a bit OTT for our purpose, but unsure if this was a complimentary upgrade on the evening.

Poor Properties: The takeaway breakfast at the Aleenta for our Phi Phi island tour was very disappointing. The breakfast at the hotel is second to none and to be packed up with a dry sandwich and an apple was criminal.

Highlight: Our time at the Elephant Hills and floating camp was very special. Our day trip in Hanoi was really enjoyable and Ha the guide made it a very fun experience. She took us to enjoy a Vietnamese HotPot lunch which should be made part of the trip if it isn't already. Ha was very adaptable as to what we did. The Halong Bay cruise was a real good night away and very special. The guide on the Junk was hilarious, Kim.

Lowlight: the travelling was a little much but we accepted that as part of being able to visit all of the amazing places.

Sharon & Dean 05 December 2017

Highlight: Food Tours, Vespa ride and Halong Bay cruise

Lowlight: None

Ian & Holly 05 December 2017

Exceptional Properties: Viroth's Hotel in Siem Reap was a great place to start the holiday. The service was excellent and the hotel itself was very relaxing. All the hotels were ideally located for exploring the city on foot.

Highlight: Visiting the Angkor temples in Siem Reap

Lowlight: Apart from going home (!), the day spent travelling from Chau Doc to Can Tho via car was somewhat disjointed. The activities themselves were enjoyable, but the extent of travelling by car (approx 4 hours) became tedious.

Philip and Ann 04 December 2017

Guide: All our guides went out of their way to help us and make us feel at home. For instance on our first night in Yangon, Robert our guide made a reservation at a local restaurant and our drive came to collect us from the hotel and return us back afterwards.... and this was typical throughout our stay

Itinerary: Our guides were very good at flexing our itinerary depending on what we had seen the day before - even if it was with a different guide in a different part of the country.... and knowing Phil's a photographer they took us to some unique places out of the usual tourist places so that he could get some really interesting photos.

Exceptional Properties: We enjoyed all the hotels and preferred the non-city hotels as these were less 'corporate' in feel

Poor Properties: All were of a suitable standard however the restaurant prices at the Mandalay Hill Resort were astronomical!

Highlight: There were many highlights: being taken to different villages to see the 'real' life of Myanmar: boating on Inle Lake: seeing Bagan at sunset; taking advantage of Malaysian Airlines business class upgrade deal ... and there were plenty more in addition to these

Lowlight: The longish stay at KL airport on the return journey: a necessity due to flight times etc but tedious

Mary & group 03 December 2017

Website: I've chosen 'good' as I didn't have much time to use it often - but when I did use it I found it very good

Consultant: Danielle was amazing -- dealing with a group of 6 independent women was no easy task especially as 2 of us have not travelled very much and were quite nervous about the whole project -- but Danielle remained calm and just reassured all with her information and using her experience. Thank you Danielle

Administration: The app on the iphone was amazing

Guide: Both 'Bun' in Siem Reap and Thally in Phnom Penh were excellent and made our trip extraordia

Itinerary: Just one thing --- we arrived in Siem Reap at 9.30 pm (our choice of flight) and the next day we visited the temples at dawn -- up at 4 am --- maybe it would have been better to visit the lake etc. on the first day and the temples on the second day?

Highlight: Siem Reap --- temples, lakes and local home visit. Having 8 days at the end -- Kep and Sihanoukville on the beaches etc.

Lowlight: Hard to name one --- Maybe we could have had a day of rest while in Siem Reap??? Sometimes we forget our age!! we were all >70!!!!

Debby & Sharon 03 December 2017

App: So much better than carrying loads of paperwork around. Maps were very helpful as well

Guide: Lao our Siem Reap guide (and the driver) were both brilliant. Always happy to answer a myriad of questions, and his knowledge was amazing. The cold water and towels which we nicknamed spring rolls were very welcome after walking around the temples. Couldn't fault either of them Tok our guide for the rest of our time in Cambodia was equally amazing as Lao. Because we spent more time with him I guess we got to know him better, and we were truly sad to say goodbye to him. Nothing was too much trouble, from finding a Cambodian Football shirt to borrowing his phone. We stopped at wonderful local cafes to eat, and tried all sorts of different and wonderful food. He even come on a trek with us when he realised that it probably wasn't going to be Deb's thing carrying her back pack and looking out for her. I truly think he would have carried her if he could have. We did unexpectedly see him again on our last night in Phnom Phen and it was like seeing an old friend with hugs all round. I'm sure we will stay in contact. Chen the driver to Kep and back was also a great guy, really helpful and a very good driver. We tried to convince him to become a guide as well as he is a very engaging young man. All in all the guides and drivers we had couldn't have been better, gold stars alround.

Exceptional Properties: V Mansion - lovely rooms, exceptional staff and close to the centre. Very closely followed by Home Indochine d'Angkor. Verandah for the room, views and amazing infinity pool

Poor Properties: Unfortunately we couldn't stay at Mayura Hill resort because of a/c problem, which was just one of those things beyond anyone's control. Our replacement was Elephant Hill resort. The rooms were very good but the complex wasn't finished and restaurant wasn't really set up for dinner or breakfast. However we were very pleasantly surprised that this was compensated by a river cruise with dinner in Phnom Phen. So very many thanks for organising that.

Highlight: The Cambodian people, the variety of activities and in particular the guides who made it so special. Through them we learned so much about Cambodia, ate food we never would have tried, and had an experience that we wouldn't have had if we had have travelled alone.

Lowlight: Coming home! We will definitely return to explore more.

Beverly & Brydon 03 December 2017

Website: Wish the app could be used on my Samsung

Consultant: Anna, Ed and Stephen were very helpful and made the journey fun and almost stress free

Administration: Unfortunately, the travel pack did not arrive until we had already left. I did download the itinerary but it would have been so much nicer to have the pack. As we had the trip arranged well in advance of our departure more time should have been given to get the package to us.

App: See previous comment

Guide: In general we were pleased with our guides. Unfortunately, all the guides with the exception of Mai had some challenges with the language. This is not a criticism as our command of the languages of Cambodia, Viet Nam, Laos and Myanmar was non existent. Sarorn(sp) in Cambodia was excellent as was Mr. T in Vietnam and Sook, Tone Tone (sp) in Laos and Mandalay, Our guide in Hanoi/Halong Bay was not engaged and provided little value. He seemed totally uninterested. WinBoo ,Quon(sp) and Mei were also very good. Very much enjoyed their knowledge and flexibility.

Itinerary: Unfortunately, my husband found we visited too many temples, pagodas and small villages. This is not a reflection of your service but his own biases. In hindsight (although I had asked him to review the itinerary before we left) we should have had more time for us to explore the countries on our own.

Exceptional Properties: Muang La, Victoria Can Tho, Pleasant View, Amazing Nuang Shwe, Bagan Thande

Poor Properties: No

Highlight: Ngapali, Luang Prabang, Balloon ride, cycling in Inle Lake, Angor Wat, War Museum in Ho Chi Minh, Red Bridge cooking class, Halong Bay, Ayerwaddy River cruise

Lowlight: too many temples and not enough walking between tourist sites

Anthea & family 01 December 2017

Guide: All three guides were individual in their approach and we enjoyed their company. The first one in Siem Reap was very amusing and quite a character and we had a great time with him, then another great guy in Phnom Penn who was very easy to chat to and we enjoyed his company on the food tour, and lastly the guide in Saigon who was very professional and knowledgeable and we particularly liked his iPad pictures and documentaries about the war and country which he showed us whilst travelling in the car. We would thoroughly recommend all three guides and am sorry I can’t remember their names.

Itinerary: Actually we did tell our guides when we wanted to shorten the itinerary so we did have enough down time for us. I would comment that the early morning starts were a bit too early for us and after getting off a plane you want to go straight to the hotel to sort yourself out a bit. Likewise we would prefer to start activities at 9.30am and not 8.30am. Getting to the boat for 8am wasn’t ideal, as it didn’t sail straight off, so we ouwld have liked to,have got there an hour later. Also all the itinerary on the boat started at 8.30am which seemed a bit too early as we were back for 12.

Exceptional Properties: All hotels and boat were as expected. Great room at the Shangri La and Résidence in Angkor Wat. Only comment on Raffles was the sun beds were a little tired. Maybe we should have discussed room type options for the Verandah on Phu Quoc as would,have liked a sea view room in hindsight. The boat was fabulous.

Highlight: Food tour in Phnom penn and The Vespa tour in Saigon and the Boat. Everything though was pretty much excellent and interesting.

Lowlight: Not being met at the airport which was very annoying as we had fast passed the immigration only to have to wait around for an hour. No guide either throughout the duration there, and no contact from one, so we felt a little as if we had to sort out the travel ourselves with Martin in the uk.We were appreciative of the champagne instead.Lastly too many early starts!

Sue and Richard 30 November 2017

Website: Very informative website and very easy to use - especially the weather section and variety of accommodation on offer

Consultant: Anna came up with a very original and interesting itinerary when we booked over a year ago and updated me after her visit to the Elephant Valley Project last year - after she left to go on maternity leave Claire took over and handled any outstanding queries we had promptly and very professionally

Administration: None

App: It was very helpful to just grab my phone whilst travelling and check up on details on each day as well as suggestions of places to eat.

Guide: Mr Long was our guide for the first 10 days and became a real friend during that time. He was not only very knowledgeable but we had many interesting discussions with him about the history and politics of Cambodia. Mr Tock was our guide in Phnom Penh just for a day and half, he was also good although we weren't too sure about some of the facts he came out with, he was particuarly useful on the Street Food tour in helping us sample the delicacies of the city.

Itinerary: We knew we were undertaking a lot of travelling in including Mondulkiri in our itinerary but it was worth the extra time. We had time to unwind on the odd half day in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh and whereas we could probably have made the trip a bit shorter I think the exhaustion would have been too great.

Exceptional Properties: Viroths Hotel in Siem Reap and VMansion in Phnom Penh - grea service with a smile at all times

Poor Properties: Phnom Kulen homestay fell way below standard but we have already had in depth chats with Claire about this and it has been dealt with accordingly

Highlight: The many temples and especially camping under the stars at Preah Khan of Kamong Svayn - no tourists apart from us! Two amazing days at the Elephant Valley Project in Mondulkiri and the visit to Phnom Tamao wildlife centre in Phon Penh - getting close enough to put food into an elephant's mouth was a very special experience.

Lowlight: The homestay but that has been previously mentioned. Also for the two visits to the wildlife places we were taken far too early to the rendezvous points especially the one in Phnom Penh where we had to wait for 45 minutes for the transfer to arrive - notwithstanding worries about traffic this really was ultra cautious!

Tracy & Paul 29 November 2017

Administration: Loved the itinerary pack....beautiful keepsake of an amazing holiday

App: Very useful tips in this App, especially for the unseasoned traveller like ourselves

Guide: A special mention to our guide Song, who helped us trek through the jungle in Chiang Mai. He was amazing and made the experience so enjoyable with all his story-telling. A special mention also to Tony who was our guide in Bangkok...his history of Thailand was immense.

Itinerary: When we do this again, i would build more rest days into our particular itinerary. It was our choice because we wanted to see and experience as much as possible and i couldn't bear to leave out any of the activities. But in hindsight perhaps staying in one place a little longer might have been more restful, but hey, it was an adventure holiday and thats exactly what we got. It was awesome.

Exceptional Properties: Amari Vogue, Krabi was an exceptional hotel. The room service was brilliant with lovely touches added to the room daily. The beach is gorgeous with lovely sandy waters and the Tupkaek sunset is unforgettable. Meals/drinks a little pricey there but a short walk along the beach you will find a restaurant that serves good food at very reasonable prices.

Poor Properties: No

Highlight: Too many to pinpoint one, but the stay at the Rainforest was an experience i wouldn't have wanted to miss out on. Unreal!

Lowlight: The mosquitoes.

Sushil 27 November 2017

Guide: Lana in Bagan and Nunu in Yangon were just excellent; all other guides were great, helpful and knowledgeable; adjust programs according to our taste, weather and moods.

Exceptional Properties: Sanctum at Inle Lake - 5 star by any standard

Poor Properties: Adeirmar in Bagan - standards of cleanliness was poor; rooms without accessible windows

Highlight: Visit to Elephant orphanage in Luang Prahbangh ; Shwedegong Pagoda in Yangon; river cruise on the Irrawaddy

Donna and George 24 November 2017

Consultant: It has been a genuine pleasure to consult with Danielle on the trip,with excellent guidance on both the outline and the detail of our visit.

Guide: I think this demands a more detailed response.We had six guides altogether.Of these, we would consider two exceptional (Saigon-Phuong and Phnom Penh- Sadiq)two very good(Hue-Son and Hoi An -Lock) , one good(Siem Reap- Sarat)and one (Hanoi) unfortunately,a disappointment. The positives all include a high level of engagement in our conversations, strong knowledge of their subject areas, a capacity to discuss broader societal and cultural issues. Our less positive experience in Hanoi was with a guide who did not meet us at the airport(which was fine as a Select Asia person did do so ),never properly introduced himself,doing so quickly and more or less expecting us to be familiar with it (everyone else gave us their cards with coordinates if we needed to be in touch),gave every indication of going through the motions, wasted about an hour obliging us to wait for programme elements to fit together while we walked without much purpose and sat.We were also disappointed in the railway village episode.Rather than taking us into the community,we waited for the train on a main thoroughfare,saw it cross and traffic resume.Interesting,but not more than that.He showed no interest in responding to any of our questions,more or less dismissing them.One last note on all the guides.their English abilities were at a minimum,good,in some cases much better than that.Altogether,they left us with a very positive impression and “made” the visits.

Itinerary: We did visit pretty much all that was in the itinerary,Typhoon Damerey permitting.The flooding in Hue and Hoi An,however,added another dimension to the visit,in that we shared in the real life experience of these communities in a difficult and challenging situation.

Highlight: Hard to segment as the overall experience was a superb blend of interesting elements

Lowlight: The second morning in Hanoi (the train ride excepted—terrific)

Donna and George 23 November 2017

Consultant: It has been a genuine pleasure to consult with Danielle on the trip,with excellent guidance on both the outline and the detail of our visit.

Guide: I think this demands a more detailed response.We had six guides altogether.Of these, we would consider two exceptional (Saigon-Phuong and Phnom Penh- Sadiq)two very good(Hue-Son and Hoi An -Lock) , one good(Siem Reap- Sarat)and one (Hanoi) unfortunately,a disappointment. The positives all include a high level of engagement in our conversations, strong knowledge of their subject areas, a capacity to discuss broader societal and cultural issues. Our less positive experience in Hanoi was with a guide who did not meet us at the airport(which was fine as a Select Asia person did do so ),never properly introduced himself,doing so quickly and more or less expecting us to be familiar with it (everyone else gave us their cards with coordinates if we needed to be in touch),gave every indication of going through the motions, wasted about an hour obliging us to wait for programme elements to fit together while we walked without much purpose and sat.We were also disappointed in the railway village episode.Rather than taking us into the community,we waited for the train on a main thoroughfare,saw it cross and traffic resume.Interesting,but not more than that.He showed no interest in responding to any of our questions,more or less dismissing them.One last note on all the guides.their English abilities were at a minimum,good,in some cases much better than that.Altogether,they left us with a very positive impression and “made” the visits.

Itinerary: We did visit pretty much all that was in the itinerary,Typhoon Damerey permitting.The flooding in Hue and Hoi An,however,added another dimension to the visit,in that we shared in the real life experience of these communities in a difficult and challenging situation.

Highlight: Hard to segment as the overall experience was a superb blend of interesting elements

Lowlight: The second morning in Hanoi (the train ride excepted—terrific)

Steven and Stephane 21 November 2017