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We ask all our clients to complete a short survey when returning from their holiday, to help us ensure that we stay fully up-to-date and in touch with every detail of the destinations we specialise in and the holidays we create. We're really proud of the generally excellent feedback we receive, and on the few occasions that it's not as good as we'd hoped, we respond proactively, making sure that the problem doesn't happen a second time. more



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93% of guests rated our service as ‘excellent’ or ‘exceeding expectations at all levels’


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95% of guests rated their overall holiday experience as ‘excellent’ or ‘exceeding expectations at all levels’



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88% of returning guests that scored their consultant with the highest marks.


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The percentage of clients rating their guides as good or excellent.

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Nyu Y & Luke 15 November 2017

App: Really loved this. It was very useful and intuitive to use.

Guide: All of our guides were amazing! So personable, professional, knowledgeable and catered to what we liked.

Exceptional Properties: The Swissotel had a wonderful breakfast set up - the view and the selection. The bathrooms were a little outdated, but the rest of the room was nice. awesome view and location. The Park Hotel in Toyko also had an amazing view and good b'fast. The room was a tad small, though. But I know that's common there. The Royal Park in Kyoto had the best bathroom and the b'fast was also great. View from our room wasn't that great, but our location was VERY convenient.

Highlight: We really enjoyed all the food in Kyoto. Osaka also was really cool since it was more laid-back and the ppl there all really liked to go out and have fun. It was a different vibe in general, which we enjoyed. Loved all of our guides! Our Kyoto guide was probably our favorite, but we loved the other 2 as well!

Lowlight: Small rooms.

Amanda and Graham 15 November 2017

Consultant: Nick Pulley is very helpful in tailoring the experience to fit our circumstances and foibles

Guide: Mr Ha was a superb guide, and we really enjoyed his company. We should like to commend him 120% out of 100%. Our driver, Mr Cuong, was great.

Itinerary: I think that spending two nights at Topas Ecolodge would have been better than spending two nights at the Victoria Hotel in Sapa. Although the Victoria is a very nice hotel, Sapa is just a construction site these days, and every road is being dug up simultaneously. Topas is fantastic and we would have preferred more time there.

Exceptional Properties: La Siesta in Hanoi was exceptional.

Poor Properties: The Truong Xuan Resort was very dirty. There were four cobwebs in the bedroom, the kettle was grey and mottled with dirt, and the lighting arrangements meant that you had to turn off the one switch by the door and then grope your way towards the bed (or the bathroom) in the dark. It may have been a "standard" class hotel but there is no excuse for dirt. As regards the extension project, again there is no excuse for building works starting at 6am in the middle of a hotel.

Highlight: The landscape

Lowlight: The return journey, because the transit time in Singapore was so tight. If the plane from Hanoi had arrived on time, we would still have had very little time to sprint through Changi airport (our sprinting days are over anyway) and change from one terminal to another. As it was, the Hanoi plane was 30 minutes late and we would definitely have missed the onward connection if the London plane had not been held.

Fiona & Stuart 11 November 2017

Consultant: When we had questions Lionel replied promptly; when he did not know the answer he contacted Laos to get the answer for us. This was much appreciated.

App: I downloaded the App onto my phone and we had hoped to download the App onto our tablet whilst travelling. For some reason we were not able to do this. Next time we will make sure we do this before we leave.

Guide: The above rating is for Mr Viengxay who was with us from day 3 to day 15. He was exceptional and very easy to understand. We would rate Mr Lao our third guide as good but his knowledge of English was average. We would rate our first guide in Vientiane as very good.

Itinerary: We stayed 4 nights at Luang Prabang because when putting the itinerary together there was no available flight to Siem Reap if we had stayed 3 nights. Three nights would have been perfect. The Street Food Explorer activity in Phnom Penh was not as interesting as it might have been. We had visited markets in Laos and visited Skun Village and seen the edible bugs there. Lao our third guide did not spend time explaining the photos on the FCC walls and unfortunately we did not ask him for more information. For us a free evening to see the Traditional Cambodian Dance would have been more beneficial on this first night in Phnom Penh. We took ourselves there on the second evening and found it very worthwhile.

Exceptional Properties: We loved the variety of the properties, most of them offered something unique and added to our experience. The staff in all of them, with the exception of Sam Nuea and Muang Ngoi, were very welcoming

Highlight: Hard to pick out one highlight are two! Visit to Vieng Xai Caves and learning about recent history of Laos and the Angkor Temples

Lowlight: Lao, our third guide was good but lacked the enthusiasm and calibre of our first two guides.

Lucinda & family 10 November 2017

Website: It is easier for me to speak to someone or get written information by way of email. That way I am sure that I see everything that is important.

Consultant: However see comments below. I think in light of the Water Festival in Siem Reap we should have gone to Siem Reap first and then Phnom Penh so as to avoid the congestion of the Water Festival.

Poor Properties: The two hotels were excellent BUT you should know that in Siem Reap there is a 3 day Water Festival. Our hotel there was right on the main street for the festival. Loud (very!) music was played through speakers until 2-2:30am every night. The hotel handed out ear plugs and went to speak to the music makers but that did not help. They were very apologetic but that did not mean you could sleep. I would suggest that for the 3 nights of the Festival that you book at another hotel away from all this noise. Also if possible it would be better to go to Siem Reap on other (non festival) days since the road are packed, there are incredibly slow moving tail backs and all the sites are extremely busy.

Highlight: Temples

Lowlight: Water Festival

Jo & Scott 08 November 2017

Website: Always easy to use, and is more than just selling you a holiday lot so of info and tips...more a cross between a travel retail site and a destination guide.

Consultant: Always like the personal service and speaking to people who have experienced the destinations we want to travel too.

App: Not sure if I downloaded it properly but when trying to click on selected restaurants etc on the map it would quit every time and jump back to the app intro page? Shame as it's a great tool to have whilst away, the rest worked fine we used the itinerary etc as we went along. And good we could both use it.

Guide: Our guide in Bali -Prad was a really friendly guy - laid back and relaxed, his English was good and it meant we could have more casual chats not just the 'tour' info. If that makes sense!

Itinerary: In hindsight we would maybe have liked an extra day in Munduk - it was beautiful. And maybe a day less in each of sanur and gilli. But overall it was well planned out. Where we had free time in sanur we travelled about ourselves one day to the west coast - to Bingin and did the same in ubud, where it was easy to arrange transport at the hotel.

Exceptional Properties: Sanak retreat. - such an amazing place, absolutely beautiful. Perfect place to start the holiday as it was quiet and relaxing so a good place to get over the long flight and recharge, fab staff and food too.

Poor Properties: Puri Sunia - only small niggles but the accommodation is probably a it 'tired' e.g. There were lose floor tiles in the bedroom, the bathroom was a bit tired. But that said - we loved the rest of it, the grounds are lovely, the staff some of the best on the trip, and the food was great.

Highlight: The plataran cruise around the KOMODO national park - the snorkelling was amazing! The guide on board Charles ( pronounced 'char-les' ) was fab - the knowledge of where we would be snorkelling what we would see and generally looking after us all was fab! The scenery around the area is amazing and it feels like it's an untouched area - loved it!

Lowlight: As usual just the long journeys / flights! But worth it once there. Traffic in Bali too makes journeys longer but can't be helped.

Vivienne & Geoffrey 07 November 2017

Administration: My husband lost the book you sent. Is it possible to get a copy?

Guide: Ton in Mandalay. Did not take into account that clients in their 60s cannot walk along a long plank onto the boat. Too interested in long stories about Buddha instead of finding some shade to tell them in.

Itinerary: We saw too many temples - our fault. We will go again and miss out on the religious element

Exceptional Properties: Inle Lake View. Ngapali Bay View.

Poor Properties: Ariendomar at Bagan

Highlight: Inle Lake and Ngapali beach

Lowlight: Mandalay

Mark and Ann 05 November 2017

Website: Website was very informative and it was on the basis of that that I made an enquiry, even though I hadn’t previously heard of the firm.

Consultant: Annie O’Sullivan interpreted my few comments brilliantly and came up with a great initial proposal. She was excellent. Stephen Pollard took over, and was also great at helping sort out an extra before we went.

Administration: Didn’t use the folder as it wasn’t fat enough to also hold passports. I would have liked more printed information about recommended restaurants and bars in each of our venues. Loved getting a map.

App: The take me home feature seemed not to work for us when in Phnom Penh and Luang Prabang - I had expected it to locate us on a map so we could f8nd our way back to our hotel...... maybe I had misunderstood the aim, as that wasn5 possible

Guide: All brilliant. Len in PP was excellent in every way and very experienced, Det in Pakse absolutely tremendous breadth of knowledge and seemed to be very sensitive to our needs. In LP SiPac went over and above for us, helping us participate in the alms giving, and rescuing Isabel’s sweatshirt from the living lands farm when she forgot it! “Rockstar” was technically great at the temples and the lake/forest but was not as knowledgeable about our more general enquiries around town etc..... but he was still excellent overall!

Itinerary: The apparent goal of six temples in one day was just too much - we were surprised we cont8nyed the touring through the heat of the day, and at 2.30 when there were still two to do, we said we had had enough, for fear of getting heatstroke!

Exceptional Properties: All were great. Shinta Mani Angkor Service surpassed all expectation. Family run VMansion in PP was completely charming. Aesthetically, Satri house was completely exceptional, but welcome by Julie and Giovanni was very strangely stilted, and felt incongruous!

Poor Properties: No.

Highlight: Everything! But the surprise birthday breakfast close to Angkor Wat was wonderful. Also The Mekong boat ride and walks with Det on the 4000 islands, and some ad hoc local village walks with our guide in Siem Reap.

Lowlight: The only negative on the whole holiday was our vehicle and driver in Pakse area (Not our guide, Det, who was outstanding!) - the vehicle windscreen was badly cracked and the driver took a number of unnecessary risks. We didn’t say anything because we didn’t want to upset our wonderful guide, but were relieved to move on to mR Lei in LP! Mr Thy our driver in PP had been amazingly careful and considerate,and also Our driver in SR was excellent.

Faye & Thea 05 November 2017

Guide: Louis who was our guide for 13 days of our tour was absolutely amazing - helpful, gracious, informative and fun to be with. Noy the driver was also great

Exceptional Properties: River Resort, Champasak Vat Phou Cruise Satri House, Luang Prabang

Poor Properties: Plain of Jars wasn't that good - however, understand that there isn't much choice - although I believe there is a great new one about to open

Highlight: Many small things were great, ie feeding the monks on the way to the temple (Lewis' wife provided us with the sticky rice and packets), the picnic breakfast at the waterfall, the boat trip through the cave, swimming in the different cave during the trek, the cruise was terrific - small number of people on the boat and all fun

Lowlight: can't think of anything I would complain about

Karen & William 03 November 2017

Guide: Especially Nimo Best guide EVER

Exceptional Properties: place we stayed at in Inle Lake and Nygali Beach. Didn't like Mount Popa hotel much!

Highlight: Elephant retirement sanctuary Bagan In;e Lake Beach Trek

Lowlight: Probably Mount Popa Free day at Inle Lake

Kate & Neil 03 November 2017

App: Noted limitations on using map feature and returning to main map from viewing a point of interest. This was cumbersome.

Highlight: Boat trip from Battambang to Siem Reap. Interactions with local rural fami