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We ask all our clients to complete a short survey when returning from their holiday, to help us ensure that we stay fully up-to-date and in touch with every detail of the destinations we specialise in and the holidays we create. We're really proud of the generally excellent feedback we receive, and on the few occasions that it's not as good as we'd hoped, we respond proactively, making sure that the problem doesn't happen a second time. more



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93% of guests rated our service as ‘excellent’ or ‘exceeding expectations at all levels’


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94% of guests rated their overall holiday experience as ‘excellent’ or ‘exceeding expectations at all levels’



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88% of returning guests that scored their consultant with the highest marks.


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Tom & Anna 06 July 2017

Consultant: Good communication and responsiveness

Administration: Pack was great

App: Password had expired, and was not reset - needs to be possible to reset it without intervention from agent to be useful

Exceptional Properties: Overall excellent. Gaya island and BRL especially. Sukau and Abai were fine.

Poor Properties: No

Highlight: So many - BRL and Gaya were excellent, and had a great time at the Sepilok sanctuary on our first day (before Zali arrived...). The night tour at Sepilok is a must. The boardwalk through the jungle at Abai was also brilliant, as we could go off and watch the wildlife away from the other tourists and guide. The logistics organised by SA were brilliantly smooth - we were particularly impressed by the seamless transfer Boat > Taxi > Airport that had been organised on our final day at Gaya.

Michelle & Daniel 05 July 2017

Consultant: Danielle was a pleasure to work with. She was extremely helpful and willing to figure out the perfect trip to fit our budget.

Highlight: We enjoyed Elephant Hills the most. Our guide Meow was the best ever! The experience with the elephants in a responsible manner was excellent.

Lowlight: We did not have a bad part of the holiday other than some mosquito bites which was expected.

Jess & Dan 28 June 2017

App: As we have android phones it didn't provide us with anymore information. Would of been nice to see the iPhone content, but not essential. Didn't affect our holiday.

Highlight: Loved our holiday experience. And the service we received from yourself (highlighted by others we met travelling through other companie s). Definitely consider booking through Selective Asia next long haul trip.

Lowlight: Flights. As you will know our flights got delayed 24hours and then from there we had problem after problem. Not a fault of yourselves and you were great with advice, but through our travels have found Malaysia Airlines are known for it. We definitely will be reluctant to travel with them again. I would suggest you look a alternative airlines for other customers.

Charlotte & Peter 27 June 2017

Website: After googling Borneo holidays the website was ultimately what sold Selective Asia to me vs. other competitors. I found it very easy to navigate, and the example itineraries were extremely helpful in inspiring me and helping me to understand the range of trips you can offer.

Consultant: Kate was very helpful in recommending how to spend our time, and patiently answered all my various questions on flight, hotel and trip options.

Administration: I loved the travel pack, and the clear email communication all the way through the process.

App: The App is a great idea and I found it very helpful to have all of our travel information available on my phone.

Guide: We only had transfer drivers, not guides per se, but each one was punctual and polite.

Itinerary: With hindsight I probably would have taken up one more trip in-land and reduced the beach stays either side, but that was entirely my preference at the time of booking and I was fully aware of other options for the itinerary.

Exceptional Properties: The Sepilok Nature Resort, I loved the laid back vibe and the decor and the chalets were super comfortable. The Borneo Rainforest Lodge was amazing. They looked after us extremely well, all of the staff were so friendly and approachable. The lodges were lovely, the food was varied and delicious and the spa facilities were excellent.

Highlight: The Borneo Rainforest Lodge without a doubt. The experiences we had here on the treks, going tubing, and the guide and the people we met meant it was definitely the most memorable part of our trip.

Lowlight: Hard to say, I suppose the least 'exciting' was the Rasa Ria, but it was a perfect place to switch off and relax.

Lori & friends 25 June 2017

Website: The website had a wealth of information which was very helpful.

Consultant: Our consultant, Annie, was extremely knowledgeable and helped us with our specific travel needs. She helped us create our own unique travel itinerary.

Administration: The travel pack we received was unexpectedly impressive. The pack had maps and all our information in a very nice binder.

Guide: Overall our guides were wonderful!

Itinerary: I felt that we prepaid for certain things that were included in a package that we were not wanting (nor did we do). Other than that we both enjoyed the places we visited.

Highlight: Our guides were knowledgeable, nice and prompt. We liked that we also had our free time to explore and spend time doing things that we wanted.

Barbara 24 June 2017

Website: Language- The basic phrases and greetings was good. I do feel it can be improved by providing how it us to be pronounced

Consultant: Great turnaround times on querues

Guide: Chong (tour guide in Hanoi) was excellent. Great customer service and very passionate about the country, it's history and culture. T- guide in HTMC . He had a really unique way of using visuals/ videos to bring the history and the past alive.

Itinerary: Not sure if it was as a result of being a solo traveller but the third party guides in Vietnam for some if the activities and activities (excluding the Vespa activity) sometimes felt rushed.

Exceptional Properties: Hotel in Hanoi- great service and all staff made you feel very welcomed

Poor Properties: Beach hotel in Hoi An

Highlight: Cambodia- Hoi An Vesta activity

Jean and Vaughan 16 June 2017

Consultant: Stephen was extremely helpful in communicating an allergy that Jean has to everyone who needed to know. In some cases the staff of the hotel told us first. The slips of paper in the local language were also useful and effective. Brilliant!

Guide: While all 3 guides were excellent, special mention should be made of Det and Tang the driver. Both were exceptional in all respects.

Exceptional Properties: La Folie was just marvellous and the one in Luang Prabang was ideally situated.

Highlight: What Phou was amazing and the 4000 islands tour was a real pleasure.

Lowlight: The Nam Ou cruise was in a rather decrepit and uncomfortable boat that did not feel safe. We moored for a picnic lunch at a spot where there was only a steep and dusty path that had no footholds. Jean lost her footing on the descent and fell down this rough incline suffering scratches and abrasions but fortunately nothing worse. We were both glad to return to dry land.

Basil & Deborah 09 June 2017

Guide: The guides were great, heap of knowledge, very friendly. All were different personalty and very professional. Holiday would not have been the same with out them.

Highlight: Visiting Hue & Hoi An, the food was amazing, guides were very good. Truly amazing country

Lowlight: Halong Bay was over rated/overcrowded with boats. Pleased we were shoulder season and took the two day option. The one day was rather dull and a long way to go for not much. Phu Quoc was slightly disappointing, island was very dirty and beaches were crowded and not very good, also a huge amount of building going on, I wouldn't go back again, the La Veranda was fantastic if rather pricey.

Robin & Rosemary 08 June 2017

Guide: Priyantha's passion for his country and culture was infectious plus outstanding local knowledge. He was very considerate and attentive throughout. A real asset to your company

Itinerary: Most free time was towards end of itinerary rather than evenly spaced . Final leg from Tea Country to Colombo was long and tedious

Exceptional Properties: Kandy House has great ambience and felt very special as we were only guests there.

Highlight: Day 3 with giant carved Buddhas at Polonuwara in morning followed by fab Elephant watching in the afternoon - magical

Lowlight: Train journey from Kandy was marred by poor weather and journey from Tea Factory to final hotel was a negative end to the intinerary.

Teresa & Nigel 31 May 2017

Guide: Duc in Hanoi was extremely patient with all our questions and tried to give us a true picture of what it is like to be part of Vietnam today. He encouraged us to try new tastes - vietnamese iced coffee and egg coffee were certainly a surprise and was happy to indulge our love of art taking us to Manzi. Our other guide in Saigon was also enthusiastic and keen for us to involve ourselves in every experience, even if it meant my husband nearly getting stuck in a tunnel at Cu Chi !! At the War Museum he also was very sensitive toward the sights we were about to see. Again we felt him to be open and happy to share details about his life in Vietnam which in turn helped us to get a little more insight.

Itinerary: As our flight with Vietnamese airline arrived at 05.30 and we were in our hotel at 7.00 on the same day, we felt that we could have fitted in a small tour in the afternoon of our arrival day just to get a feel of the place before launching in with out tour the next day. I am sure this would be a personal choice as not everyone would want to be organised on their first day but we were up and running.

Exceptional Properties: The Almanity at Hoi An! The Veranda at Phu Quoc

Highlight: Hanoi Cooking at the Red Bridge school and Hoi An generally

Lowlight: Although we understand that the development of Vietnam is vital to the economy of the country we were suprised by the amount and extent, particularly on out journey to Halong Bay and the coast line along Dang Ang. Although the weather was particularly unpredictable, we were of course aware that it could be changeable but I think we were unlucky and our beach 'chill out' as the weather was particularly bad and blue sparkling sky and sea it was not! so maybe a more qualified message about if one chooses this time it may not be that great weatherwise. Up until then it didn't really matter how the weather was as we were so busy. Also the boat in Halong Bay was good but having asked for one with a balcony this didnt turn out to be the best choice. The balcony cabins were on the back of the boat just beneath the diesal engine!. Also our friends went out from near Cat Ba and there experience was definately quieter than ours in terms of the number of boats in our vicinity. Also it didn't help that one afternoon that a larger boat was moored up near our with tourists on the Kareoke, not quite what we expected at all. Again although we asked 2 nights to fully experience the bay, the boat we were on really catered for people wanting one night and so we were transferred to a day boat for out second day and then returned to our original boat in the afternoon where we were left moored up whilst the next set of overnight people did the tour to the cave we had done the day before, perhaps this needs a little more thought and if people ask for a 2 night stay it should be on a boat that intends to offer that rather than as an add on to there one night tours.

Fred & Kathleen 31 May 2017

Exceptional Properties: The hotels were ideally placed and adequate for the level requested.

Poor Properties: The traditional house in Hakone was a lovely experience but would suggest the modern fittings should be updated.

Highlight: It is very difficult to say as we enjoyed it all.The Bullet Train ride was an experience to remember.

Lowlight: The only slight improvement that can be suggested is the serving of the feast in Hakone.We are not very knowledgeable on food.If the courses were served one at a time and explained saying what sauces should be used this would improve the experience. For breakfast a continental option would be nice.

Peggy 16 May 2017

App: Crashed every time I tried to launch it. I deleted and reloaded multiple times. I volunteered to help troubleshoot (maybe the developer could watch my session when I logged on) but was told "it just doesn't work on some devices and do I maybe have another apple device I could try". Um, no.

Guide: The fact that I was arriving/departing unusually late/early was mentioned several times. But he was always very friendly.

Exceptional Properties: I know SA doesn't book Pulau Tiga regularly but for the right person I HIGHLY recommend! It was the ideal way to end my vacation. Exactly what I was looking for.

Poor Properties: This has nothing to so with SA but I found the knowledge of the guides at BRL lacking. This is an amazing rainforest and I felt like they rushed you through the trails and did not educate their guests. Big missed opportunity. My travels in the Amazon offered better educated guides.

Highlight: Tubing on the river in Danum Valley ar BRL and snorkeling the lovely coral reef just off-shore at Pulau Tiga

Lowlight: The day trip I booked thru SA on Day 2 from KK to Mt Kinabalu and Poring Hot Springs. Incredibly rushed and the guide was not friendly. His name was Sharif.