Where to rest your head

Some of our favourite accommodation in Myanmar.

We regularly inspect all our recommended lodges, hotels, resorts, homestays and even boats. These personal inspections help ensure that each meets – and keeps to - the standards our clients rightly expect. We’ll be happy to discuss the pros and cons of any with you prior to you making a booking. If your preferred choice is not listed, please feel free to ask - it may just mean it didn't make our final cut due to the high number of quality properties and vessels in a particular destination....Selective by name, Selective by nature!

Please note that your choice of hotel will affect your overall holiday cost.

Hotel Classes Explained

Why don't we use the more recognisable rating?

★★★★★ or ★★★

Because there is a huge disparity between grading systems in each country. There is no international governing body and this leads to a vast difference in each “star” (*) category from one country to the next.

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For peace of mind when booking your future holiday to Asia, we have introduced flexible booking conditions & full financial clarity.