Japan Summer Games 2020 

July and August 2020 are set to become a summer like no other in Japan. Or pretty much anywhere else on the planet for that matter. The 2020 Summer Games are fast approaching (we hope you’ll appreciate our control in not mentioning any sprinters name at this stage), and we are in no doubt there won’t have been a games like it before. This is Japan we are talking about!

The recent Rugby World Cup gave us a taste of just how much enjoyment the people of Japan take in hosting a major sports event, however it's fair to say that the summer 2020 is several giant leaps (no mention of a triple jumper to see here) from a tournament of 20 teams, regardless of the size of some of the rugby players.

We designed trips for numerous clients as they followed their teams during the Autumn of 2019 and we loved being part of so many memorable moments. Armed with this experience, we feel we know a thing or two about how best to approach the Summer Games. Whilst we are filled with excitement for what’s to come (and are already booking a number of trips for the Games), we feel it’s important to represent both the positives and the not so positive aspects of travelling in Japan during the summer 2020.

Some key considerations

(1) The summer is usually low season for travel in Japan and you’re likely to experience extremely hot and humid temperatures.  (2) The sheer size and widespread popularity of the games mean that there is also a significant shortage of availability, both guides, hotels and tours. Whilst the RWC was spread across the entire country, much of the summer events are based in/around Tokyo and rumours are abound of 80% of guides having been pre-allocated to national teams and hotel beds being in seriously short supply.
(3) Finally, there’s the impact that all this increased demand is having on cost. I’m sure we don’t need to spell the realities out!

Our intention here is not to come across as too defeatist or negative, we can’t wait for 24th July, the main purpose of this approach is to ensure that anyone planning to travel to Japan in July or August 2020 does so with their eyes open. If the idea is that being there during the summer games is a bonus to your existing travel plans, then our advice is to consider thinking again and travel earlier or later in the year.

If however the summer games are the driving factor but you’d also like to explore one of the most exciting destinations on the planet right now, then let’s get started - the earlier the better. Our Japan team are on hand and ready to make it happen.

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