Are you planning to travel to Japan for the Rugby World Cup?

The 2019 Rugby World Cup™ is nearly here and we are certainly very excited for what is going to be the biggest sporting event of the year. Ever since the Cherry Blossom’s meteoric rise in the UK during the 2015 edition, the stage has been well and truly set for a very special 9th edition of the Rugby World Cup in Japan this October and November. Those lucky enough to get match tickets will find Japan (arguably) at its best - its landscape transformed with rich autumnal colours, and pleasant temperatures throughout ensuring that you'll experience the very best of Japan both on and off the pitch.

As with all major sports events, carefully planned and perfectly executed logistics are key to a successful tournament off the pitch (sorry, we can’t do anything to assist your chosen team ON the pitch!). With years of experience working across Asia, you can trust our expertise in creating tailor-made holidays in Japan to design a fantastic itinerary around your games. Its important to note that Selective Asia has no affiliation with the 2019’s Rugby World Cup™ so we can’t include tickets as part of your tour. However, if you've got yourself match tickets, as experienced Japan travel specialists we can take care of all your other arrangements for you.

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Will independent travel work?

Organising an independent trip around Japan, especially at such a busy time, will most likely be overwhelming even for the most seasoned travellers. Japan has seen an unprecedented surge in visitor numbers in the past 24 months and considering it is not the most last minute booking friendly destination at the best of times, it is  needless to say that the earlier you start planning and booking your holiday the better. 

Why the tailor-made approach?

As a Japan specialist, we ensure that all your key arrangements and logistics (such as hotels, trains and some day tours if required) are booked well in advance so you don't have to worry about it. We also provide a travel app which is invaluable in ensuring you make the most of your days when not watching a game. 

- Your itinerary will depend on the teams you want to watch and the tickets you have already secured or are hoping to secure. There is no point leaving things to chance, or plan to book hotels or services nearer the time.

- As Japan experts we are familiar with Japan’s nuances and challenges and can make sure your itinerary runs smoothly without any unwelcome surprises. In addition, we actually started planning a few regular clients’ tournament travel plans as far back as May 2018, before tickets were even available, so we are already well versed in the do’s and don’ts.

- We are planning itineraries to a variety of specifications – some clients want to stay immersed in the rugby throughout their stays, others are dipping in and out, taking the opportunity to explore further afield between games or either side of the tournament.

- Not everyone wants to watch rugby all the time (yes darling, it’s true…). We’ve already become dab-hands at creating a well-balanced touring itinerary with plenty of interests for everyone – on game days we’ve plenty of ideas for those not wanting to go to the stadium or stay glued to the screen.

Stephen's FAQs

One of our Japan specialists, (and keen club player - if you've got a game, he'll play!) Stephen, has been combining his local expert insight of Japan and rugby knowledge to great effect over recent months planning our clients' Rugby World Cup holidays.

He has shared below answers to some of the FAQs he has been receiving  - hopefully you'll find them helpful in planning your trip. Nothing beats a chat however and if you're going to Japan for the RWC, then we're confident that Stephen speaks your language! 

Is there still availability?

Yes. If you have tickets to a game, we can undoubtedly make it happen and feature it as part of your larger Japan travel plans with us. The level of complexity or scale of the challenge will depend on the game and the location.

Games being played in major cities are far easier to manage than those at smaller locations such as Oita and Shizuoka. However, using our local knowledge and experience we can work around this, and look for the best alternative so you are still within easy reach of the games.

What happens on game day?

We could, if you really wanted us to, arrange private transfers to/from games, however these are very expensive and with Japan’s fantastic rail system (all the stadiums are well served by trains) your journey will be smoother by hopping on a train. It also means you’ll have the chance to soak up the atmosphere before and after the games as you travel with other fans.

Selective Asia will provide all the information you’ll need to get you to the right place at the right time, booking specific trains when required, and ensuring you have credit on your Pasmo card and know which station you need at either end. This may sound a little like hand holding, however trust us when we tell you that arriving at Yokahama Stadium in Tokyo is a very different challenge to walking down Church Street at Twickenham on match day!

What two tips would you offer a first time visitor?

1. While Japan is considered the forefront of technology, it is still very much a cash culture. However,  ATM's are readily available. If in doubt head to a 7Eleven.

2. Our travel app makes the perfect companion throughout your travels, and the Wifi pack we'll provide ensures you won't run up any unexpected bills. 

What do you suggest we do after the game?

First and foremost, hang around and enjoy the atmosphere - in my experience it never pays to leave early, even with the more one-sided games. Many of the games are being hosted in major cities and the best after game atmosphere is to be enjoyed close to the stadium rather than near your hotel 

Any tips for who's going to lift the trophy?

Am I answering that with my head or my heart?! Whilst it's hard to ignore NZ, I'll have to say Ireland this time round, narrowly beating a heroic England in the final of course! 

An unwanted early departure? Dinner's on us!

We all know that things happen. Teams underperform, opposition exceed expectations (anyone lucky enough to be at our home ground, the Amex Stadium in Brighton, during the 2015 RWC to see the Cherry Blossoms beat the Springboks will tell you so!). To help ease pain in the event of an early exit* for your national side, we’ll pick up the tab at dinner or a few consolatory beers that evening. It’s the least we can do!

*T&Cs apply.

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