Sailing Indonesia's Flores Sea

Sailing the Flores Sea aboard a traditional teak phinisi boat is an unusual, unbeatable experience. Standing on deck, sails billowing in the wind and exotic islands passing by on both sides, you’ll feel like a true adventurer. During this trip, you’ll spend two to four nights exploring the waters surrounding Flores and Komodo. Along the way, you can stop off to snorkel amongst manta rays, and when you disembark you’ll be met by Komodo dragons, smoking volcanoes, and maybe even the giant Flores rat! 

What to expect on the Flores Sea...

Komodo, Padar and Rinca are the Galapagos Islands of South-East Asia, packed with astonishing natural landscapes and diverse exotic wildlife. Together, they make up the Komodo National Park. With hazy volcanic cinder cones, tropical forests, wild savannah and natural beaches, both parks seem almost prehistoric. Add to this the population of three-metre long Komodo Dragons and you might feel like you’ve wandered straight onto the set of Jurassic Park!

Underwater, the National Park is a shining example of great preservation practise, with thriving reefs and colourful, diverse marine life. The snorkelling here is some of the best in Asia, with clear, glassy waters, sharks, manta rays, turtles, colourful coral species and barely a soul in sight. During your sailing expedition, you’ll make strategic stops at superb spots for diving, snorkelling and kayaking.

To sail these waters in style, spend a couple of nights aboard the Plataran Felicia, a traditional wooden phinisi with a design dating back over 500 years. Beautiful to look at, the Felicia is a craft of fine tastes, with six luxury air-conditioned cabins complete with sunny portholes and full en-suite facilities. Communal meals are prepared by expert chefs and there’s even an onboard dive master to help you explore the stunning underwater world. 

Alternatively, the Katharina is a little less decadent but nonetheless delightful, and offers 4 night sailing adventures around the National Park. A modern 40 metre yacht built to a classic phinisi design, she is sleek and commanding on the horizon. The six cabins are cosy - even a little ‘cottagey’ - with air-conditioning, portholes and small en-suite bathrooms.

Snorkelling gear is available to all guests, and there are sea canoes so you can explore independently. If it’s a warm night with clear skies, you can even choose to sleep on deck under the impressive blanket of stars.

Karl encounters the Komodo Dragon:

Location: Flores Sea to Komodo National Park, visiting the islands of Komodo, Rinca and Padar en route.

Duration: 2 or 4 nights

Accommodation: traditional or modern incarnations of a classic Indonesian phinisi boat

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Our client Chris said...

'The boat trip through the Indonesian islands from Flores to Komodo, Rinca, Sumbawa etc back to Bali was superb, with visits to local villages and peoples, as well as OUTSTANDING snorkelling.'

Important to note...

This is a small-scale sailing adventure to some of the more remote reaches of Indonesia. It’s perfect for social and curious travellers with strong sea-legs.

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