Learn to cook Myanmar's favourite dishes

Spend an intriguing, easy-going morning learning to create authentic Myanma dishes in one of two atmospheric locations across the country. Whilst its cuisine is milder and less famous than its neighbours', Myanmar’s traditional favourites are delicious and interesting. Cooking up - and eating - Shan, Rakhine and Myanma recipes, you’ll get a feel for the diverse ethnic influences that come together in this enigmatic country. 

What to expect at the Myanmar Cooking Class...

Food is integral to South East Asian culture, and a cooking class in Myanmar is a glimpse into this country's history and diversity, as well as being a fun way to spend the morning.

At Inle Lake, the lesson will take place in a rooftop kitchen with panoramic views, so you can gaze out over the lake while you stir and sauté. In Yangon, you’ll head to a non-profit cooking school set up to benefit young people in the city. Both of these locations are brilliant in entirely different ways. 

Either way, you’ll set out early to choose fresh ingredients in the local market, an aromatic riot of noise, action and colour. Surrounded by wobbly stacks of vegetables, over-spilling baskets of fruit, and rickety counters of just-caught fish, you’ll learn about the staple ingredients of Myanmar cuisine. Your expert tutor will lead you around dried spice sellers and stalls curtained by hanging cuts of meat, teaching you how to spot the best picks along the way. 

Myanmar’s colourful cuisine reflects its ethnic mix and many recipes feature the vast array of fruit that grows so well across the country. Like its South East Asian cousins, Myanmar prizes dishes that balance salty, sweet, spicy and sour flavours, but traditional Myanma food involves a far larger parade of side plates and condiments, making meal times something of an event. 

Once in the kitchen, you’ll learn how to assemble a few favourite dishes from scratch. You’ll spend two full hours slicing, frying and stirring until you’ve created a handful of hearty Shan, Rakhine and Myanmar favourites. Afterwards, you’ll untie the apron strings and take a well-earned seat to enjoy an authentic lunch made by your own two hands. You certainly won’t spend the afternoon hungry…

Location: Inle Lake or Yangon

Duration: one morning

Accommodation: your choice of Inle Lake or Yangon hotel

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We say...

'A way to a country's heart is most definitely via its cuisine - and this class teaches some of our favourite Myanma dishes.'

Good to know...

Myanmar's cuisine is typically very oily - you will learn traditional recipes that have been adapted to the Western palate.

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