Travel health & vaccinations

For most travellers, a common-sense approach to your health whilst abroad will ensure a trouble-free visit, and the chances are that you will feel far healthier and fitter after your holiday than before it. Food in South-East Asia is both nutritious and healthy, with an emphasis on rice and noodles accompanied by fresh vegetables, meats, seafood, and an abundance of fresh fruit.

Travelling with children

Please consult your GP or family doctor for further information on how best to protect your family against illness when travelling abroad.

Before you depart

Whilst planning a trip to Asia, it is important to consider the possible requirement for vaccinations and immunisations. Most importantly, we stress that you should contact your doctor or medical practitioner well before you depart, since you may well require vaccinations for your trip. If you have travelled recently and believe that you are already up-to-date with your vaccinations, it is still worth checking as vaccinations have a varying life span. You can use a specialist vaccination clinic for this service; however they can be expensive, and may recommend vaccinations that are not essential for your holiday.

There are also a number of useful websites that can assist you with your research at this stage. Amongst our favourites are:


NHS Travel Planner

National Travel Health Network

Whilst away

There is a very varied level of medical care across the Asian region. Some countries can quite rightly boast hospitals that put many of our western hospitals to shame, while others lag far behind.

That said, in an emergency you are unlikely to be more than a day’s travel from a well-equipped hospital, and you are advised to inform your guide immediately if you are feeling unwell. Illnesses detected in their early stages can usually be effectively treated with no long lasting effects. 

Please note: treatment abroad can be expensive, and you must arrange comprehensive travel insurance prior to departure.

This medical advice

We do consider ourselves to be experts in many things Asian, but we are not medical professionals, and have not undertaken the many years of training required to allow us to claim to be so.

The contents of this page are intended as a guide only, and do not replace the need for you to seek your own medical advice and care in certain circumstances. 

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Recommended vaccinations for all travel to Asia

The following is a summary of the vaccinations usually recommended for travel in Asia.

Before you depart
Whilst away
Possible additional vaccinations

The following are less frequently advised and can often be specific to a particular region or area of a country.

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