Little extras

In our eyes it’s all about the Little Extras that go into a trip, ensuring it exceeds our clients' expectations on every level. Here at Selective Asia we also love to make sure all the details are thought about and we anticipate the little things that you may not have even realized needed to be thought about! 

We also like nothing more than chatting with our clients upon their return, seeing their photos, hearing their thoughts in person, on the phone or through the surveys we send out after their travels. We place a huge amount of value on the information that clients share with us and are always grateful for candour and honesty, even when we’re being told something didn’t quite live up to expectations.  

We also love seeing our clients' holiday photos and feel these can really capture the essence of our destinations to show future clients what they have to look forward to. We want to encourage you to share your holiday shots with us and to do that we’ve just introduced a way to say thank you, for those that are happy to do this.

We’re also very proud that so many clients come back to us time and time again and some are kind enough to mention our name to friends, colleagues and family. We want to say thank you for this gesture now with a gift of our own.

See it all in print

Get a Bob Books photo book as a gift from us

Asia is exceptionally photogenic, and we’d love to see you join our tribe of roving travel photographers. Submit 20 of your best holiday images to [email protected], and if we select one or more of your images to use in our marketing materials or on the web, we’ll say ‘thank you’ with a Bob Books photobook for your holiday photos.  And for all clients, we can offer 20% off any Bob Book purchase - click here for details.


Thanks for mentioning our name

£100 off for you & your friends when you refer us

Over the years, our business has been grown through returning clients and word-of-mouth referrals, which is something we’re all very proud of. Nothing means more to us than a happy client, especially when they tell friends and family about their Selective Asia holiday, and encourage them to give us a go.

We want to say ‘thank you’ to all who take the time to do this, and to all who take up your referral. So, if you recommend us to a friend, and they subsequently book with us, your friends will receive £100 (or $100 for our North American clients) off their first booking with us, and you off your next Selective Asia holiday.


Referral credit can only be awarded once any referrer has returned from their Selective Asia holiday (the credit note can only be used for new bookings made after its issuance and not redeemed on existing bookings).

Your referrer credit is valid for 3 years from the date that the qualifying booking was made.

The credit can only be redeemed against full holiday packages which include hotels, transfers and touring during the holiday.