One of the great charms of travel can be the opportunity to encounter wildlife. We share that passion and, with Asia home to many famous but also many threatened species, it offers wonderful experiences throughout diverse and fascinating habitats.

Our wildlife holidays are tailor-made, allowing you to create a trip around a particular interest. And what a choice it is - not just in the headlining 'stars' of the natural world, but also across regions offering countless opportunities to marvel at its magic.

From magnificent orang-utans in their natural Sumatran rainforest setting and the leopards of Sri Lanka, to the Komodo dragon, and sea turtle nurseries of Borneo and the Indonesian archipelago – these are just a few of the species that our destinations are famous for. But there is much more beyond the headlines, and you can discover it in jungle-clad camps and National Parks, on yachting trips and whilst trekking through rainforests, and in the coral reefs and oceans of the continent.

It would be wrong of us not to acknowledge wildlife tourism can be emotive. That’s why we undertake continual evaluation and have stated policies you can read about on this website.

Our Wildlife Experiences explained

Many of our itineraries include the chance to enjoy nature and encounter some of South-East Asia's superlative wildlife, but you could easily spend weeks exploring the region's countless National Parks, reefs and rainforests.

  • Our Wildlife Experiences are designed to let you pick your favourites - we will tailor your perfect trip around them.
  • From an afternoon meeting orang-utans in one of Borneo's conservation centres to days spent caring for elephants in on of Thailand's jungle-clad camps, we have an Experience to fit both your Attenborough-inspired daydreams - and your timeframe.
  • The subject of wildlife projects and sanctuaries is an emotive issue – and rightly so. Click here to read our policy on such projects and how we ensure your wildlife experience will be ethical and responsible. 
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Asia's wildlife is nothing less than mindblowing

'If you're into nature and animals, there are so many chances for an encounter, whether it's on an accessible afternoon in a conservation centre or a three day excursion deep in the jungle.'

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Wildlife holidays in Asia

Wildlife holidays in Asia

An Indonesian Adventure

Your journey begins in Sumatra, where it’s all about nature and wildlife. Following an overnight stay in Medan on arrival, you travel into the heart of the Sumatran jungle, where you will have the opportunity to spot orang-utans in their natural habitat as you trek through the jungle.

Wildlife photography

Wildlife photography

Wildlife in its natural habitat can be hard to spot unless it wants to be seen, but our guides are expert at noticing the animals that we'd have missed. They frequently astonish us by pointing out a hidden creature whose toe or ear was just poking out!

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Asian wildlife on our blog

Asian wildlife on our blog

We've encountered wildlife in all of our destinations throughout Asia (and in Selective Asia HQ, if you count Jimmy). Sometimes it's harder to find than others, but we're always happy to share our experiences and tips on where you're likely to find it too. 

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