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For us, wellbeing means far more than spending your holiday on a detox retreat. We prefer that truly wholesome wellbeing which can be found in fresh air, immersing yourself in nature, and giving yourself time to breathe and think. 

Health and relaxation are integral to many Asian cultures — from early morning tai chi around the lake in Hanoi, to the world-renowned spas of Ubud. But a solitary walk in the Himalayas, or a spot of sunrise kayaking on Inle Lake, are also beautiful ways to feel fit, happy and balanced!

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Selective Asia holidays are all tailored to show your choice of destination at its best, with plenty of time to kick back between the sight-seeing and adventures. We can arrange your holiday to centre on your wellbeing, or build a spell of pure relaxation into a wider itinerary. Speak to one of our Destination Specialists about tailoring an itinerary that will melt away any tension, and draw your feet gently back onto the ground...

'Soothe your soul in the muscle-warming climate of Asia'

‘Delicious healthy cuisines, excellent spas, and ancient philosophies that focus on inner balance - Asia is the ideal place to rejuvenate.’

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