We carefully create all our holidays so that you get to see a country at its best, but at your best, too, with enough time in which to simply kick back and relax. If, however, you want your R&R in a more uninterupted, concentrated form, we have no end of enticing suggestions. And many of the destinations we offer feature daily relaxation as an integral part of their culture.

From early morning tai chi in Hanoi to the world-renowned centre for massage and healing at Ubud on Bali, and from Ayurvedic treatments in Sri Lanka to the natural geothermal hot springs at Banjaran in Malaysia, our holidays can either be centred around your wellbeing or have it built into an itinerary we’ll ensure is honed to perfection.

Our Wellness Experiences explained

All our itineraries contain some down-time - a holiday just isn't relaxing without it - but for those who want to add a little more, we've designed this range of Wellness Experiences.

  • Use the search tool below to start discovering our Wellness Experiences.
  • Each is a nugget of rejuvenation time that you can add to one of our recommended itineraries.
  • Alternatively, choose two or three and let us tailor them into a personally customised holiday that does everything you want it to - and nothing you don't.

Whether it's the focus of your holiday, or just a few days of checking out from your travels, taking the time to unwind and focus on yourself is an important part of any holiday and what better place to 'find your chi' than in Asia!


'Where better to relax and rejuvenate than the muscle-warming climate of Asia?

'With its range of naturally healthy diets, excellent spas, and ancient philosophies that are all about strengthening your inner peace, Asia is the ideal place to rest & regroup.'

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Ready to rest and relax?

Wellness holidays in Asia

Wellness holidays in Asia

Bali & Lombok With Ease

Enjoy time in Bali's Ubud region, which has been a world-renowned centre of healing for hundreds of years. 

Ultimate Japan

Japan's natural volcanic hot spring resorts are legendary, and this itinerary offers plenty of opportunity to relax in one or more of them.

Time to spa

Time to spa

Asia boasts many of the world's finest spa hotels, resorts and boutiques, with an astonishing range of treatments and programmes on offer. Whether you need to sleep, stretch, smooth or stimulate, there's a spa in Asia that can help! Give us a call, tell us what you need, and we'll share our insider tips on the best places to find it...

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Relax with our blog

Relax with our blog

From Gemma's excellent excuses to fulfil your new year's resolutions by going on holiday to Asia, to the beautiful onsens of Japan, our blog shares inspiration and our own experiences of Asia's spa and wellness world.

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