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We’re very excited to introduce a new product that is a bit of a departure (boom tish!) for us - Limited Edition Small Group holidays. Each tour will be a one off, and will feature exclusive and unique experiences that make the most of the special partnerships we’ve developed across Asia.

A lot of thought (and numerous 'passionate' discussions!) preceded the decision to develop these holidays. The special interest group approach to travel is a new but exciting direction for us, and it required us to venture out of our privately guided tailor-made comfort-zone. However, we've quickly fallen in love with the significant benefits that group travel brings, and have really invested in applying our own unique approach and detailed country expertise to this new travel discipline.

Never happy to create ordinary holidays, our underlying philosophy behind this select range is to offer you one-of-a-kind experiences. We want to show you lesser-known places that can be harder to reach, but which reward travellers who make the effort to get there. Each unique tour will let you explore routes that steer well away from the more obvious destinations, and discover less accessible areas of our destinations, which we’ve personally been exploring for many years. Most of the trips will also feature a selection of classic highlights (the ones that are highlights for good reason!) but we’ve designed them to be anything but run-of-the-mill.

We've developed some very special partnerships during our years in Asia, and many of these tours make the most of that. Our Laos’ Secret Ho Chi Minh Trail, for example,  follows in the footsteps of our friends at Mine Advisory Group. Other tours will be timed to coincide with special events such as local festivals, offering an incomparable immersion into the local culture. Most importantly, in each instance we have persuaded a true expert to come along for the ride, creating a further unique dimension to the tour through their expert guiding. In addition, we have ensured a broad range of travel grades, ranging from comfortable to light adventure. Discover more with our adventure-o-meter below.

Wherever the destination, you will benefit from Selective Asia’s years of experience, and our Destination Specialists’ passion for delivering world class experiences in their regions of expertise. 

Four reasons to choose a Limited Edition Small Group trip.


1 Added expertise. Travel with a handpicked passionate specialist in your chosen destination.
2 Enhance your travels. Our one-off departures can help you discover more remote regions than you might typically include on one of our private holidays.
3 Save ££s! There are typically cost benefits when travelling as part of a small group.
4 Share the experience. Explore new destinations with other like-minded travellers.

Start your adventure! Discover our 2018 selection of Limited Edition Small Group departures:

Find your perfect trip with our Adventure-o-meter

We have graded each of our small group tours on comfort, pace of travel and fitness level required, using these well-known travel personalities for guidance.

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Why we launched our Limited Edition Small Groups.

We know what you’re thinking: Selective Asia are specialists in private tailor-made touring (and award-winners, we might add), so why start offering small group tours? 

It all spawned from an idle chat with former Wanderlust World Guide of the Year Mark Steadman, whose work at the Lone Buffalo Foundation in Laos we have supported for a number of years, and our long-standing partnership with UK Charity MAG (Mine Advisory Group). Why not take an award-winning experienced guide, add in the exclusive opportunity to shadow the work of an inspiring charity, throw in remote cultural sites and natural wonders, and a handful of like-minded, discerning travellers, and there you have it – a fool-proof recipe for a Selective Asia special group tour.   

Rest assured that this is not a deviation from our carefully crafted Selective style, nor a distraction from our private tailor-made tour offerings. We will be as ‘selective’ about the content of these tours as we will the number of small group tours we will operate each year. Selective by name, Selective by nature.  

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What's 'small'?

When we say ‘small group’, we mean ‘small’! This is not travel en masse, which sends a shiver down the collective SA spine. We are limiting the groups to a maximum of 12 travellers on each tour (apart from Japan, which is a max of 14).

Another bad date?

If you've taken a fancy to one of our select small group departures (& who can blame you!) but the departure date doesn’t work for you, just let us know. We'll be happy to arrange a private programme following the same itinerary, departing on a date that suits you. Et voila, the perfect date.

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