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There’s a reason why Thailand has been a top honeymoon destination for decades - this country knows what discerning travellers want, yet offers real value for money. There are literally hundreds of luxury hotels to choose from, from island hideaways and spa retreats to five-star villas and chic city-centre stopovers. When you're not relaxing on one of the extraordinary beaches, a rich culture of exotic temples and ancient wonders await you. Newlyweds with an appetite for adventure can choose from hundreds of outdoor pursuits, from trekking to rafting and kayaking. Really, Thailand offers everything we need to create the perfect balance of R&R and activity, for a honeymoon of picture-perfect experiences and beautiful memories that will last until you're old and grey together.

5 tempting reasons to spend your honeymoon in Thailand

  • Luxe accommodationliterally hundreds of luxury hotels to choose from, from island hideaways and spa retreats to five-star villas and chic city-centre stopovers
  • Those beachesThailand famously boasts some of the best beaches in the world, from its sandy shoreline to its tempting tropical islands
  • The food - oh lordy the food. Whether you're in a skyline bistro or chowing down from a streetside food stall, food in Thailand is just incredible
  • Adventure - energetic newlyweds have hundreds of outdoor pursuits to choose from, including trekking, rafting and kayaking
  • Bangkok - from fine dining to five star pampering, this dynamic metropolis does 'deluxe' like nowhere else on Earth
Lionel, tailor-made travel specialist

'Don’t overlook Chiang Mai in the north, with its calm streets and multitude of temples. The north is also the region best suited to a bit of light adventure.'

Lionel - Thailand Specialist

In focus...

Four Seasons Tented Camp

We always recommend combining beaches with time in the north of Thailand, a warm green landscape scattered with some of the most romantic resorts in the country. We especially love the mindblowing Four Seasons Tented Camp - a luxury elephant camp where you'll stay in an astonishing forest safari lodge, with full access to the resort's carefully run elephant conservation project.

Gift List service

Toasters shmoasters - we'd rather travel Asia for our wedding present! Our secure honeymoon Gift List service lets your family & friends contribute funds for your special trip. Read more on our Gift List page.


Leave it with us... Thailand practically invented the honeymoon 'treat', and we can arrange practically anything from private desert island cruises and rainforest retreats, to skyline dining at the top of a Bangkok tower. For ideas and how it works, visit our Bride's Day page.

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