Sri Lanka Honeymoons

With newlyweds wandering far afield these days to find a suitably glorious but uncrowded post-nuptial paradise, it's a relief to find one this accessible that offers so much variety: a honeymoon in Sri Lanka is amongst the most versatile on our books.

On the coast, you'll find a mainly undeveloped beach paradise, the perfect place to lounge, relax and recover from the months of - dare we say it - manic event-organisation that preceded your wedding day.

When the novelty of your unblemished, tourist-free tropical beach has worn off, you can wander easily inland to explore the lush interior; the island's numerous National Parks contain UNESCO-protected rainforest, some of the most remarkable ancient engineering you'll ever see, and some of the largest Buddhist temples ever built.

For animal lovers, there's an abundant leopard population, Asian elephants, langurs and lorises, amongst a huge list of species, with a range of wildlife and adventure experiences available. Sri Lanka honeymoon highlights include leopard safaris, elephant sanctuary visits, and private luxury camping close to the National Parks.

More permanent accommodation can be found in charming Colonial boutique hotels, tucked away both in coastal towns like beautiful fortified Galle, and the jungle-clad, mountainous interior. The city of Kandy, meanwhile, is known for its intriguing antique shops, a great selection of restaurants, and excellent walks in the nearby hills and picturesque tea estates. 


Why choose Sri Lanka?

  • Year round sunshine is expected (but not promised!) on the beaches, due to there being different weather patterns on the east coast compared to the beaches of south and west Sri Lanka. 
  • The arrival of a limited but reliable (and very scenic in places) domestic flight service in recent years has meant that some of the previously unavoidable long car journeys are now a distant memory.
  • Due to many years of civil war, development in large areas of the country was put on hold until the late the early 2000s. This means that many of the eastern and northern beaches are far less developed than elsewhere in the country and much of Asia.
  • You'll land at Colombo, a city which perhaps deserves a day or two of attention at either end of any trip to Sri Lanka, with a choice of destinations thereafter. The island sits astride the boundary between two monsoon systems, so there's always sunshine somewhere here.
  • Depending when you visit, you might choose to first head south or east to relax on a tropical beach, or go inland straight away, to explore the lovely green 'tea country', the elephant-filled National Parks, and the ‘Cultural Triangle’, where you'll find many of Sri Lanka's ancient and astonishing cultural landmarks, including Sigiriya rock fortress, the ancient cities of Anuradhapura, Kandy and Polonnarawa, and the Dambulla cave temples.

Leave it to us!

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