South Korea Honeymoons

South Korea may not, at first glance, be the most obvious destination for a romantic honeymoon. For many it is associated primarily with the after-effects of the civil war in the 1950’s that left it split in two, and living cheek-by-jowl with its bellicose northern neighbour. However, if you forget the Cold War trimmings, South Korea is a memorable honeymoon destination for the more adventurous couple, looking for something more than a fly-and-flop holiday.

Adventurous honeymooners will find lots to explore together in South Korea. There are gingko-lined historic streets, emerald green hills that are crisscrossed by rice paddies, pine-clad mountains bedecked in colourful flowers, dazzling palaces and temples, remote islands fringed by inviting white-sand beaches, vibrant cities to party the night away in and romantic peaks to watch the sunrise from.

Why choose South Korea?

  • South Korea effortlessly merges tradition with modernity, making it an absolute joy to discover. Its powerhouse economy ensures there is plenty of luxury and pampering to be enjoyed in its hotels and resorts, yet this development has not sacrificed or obscured the country’s unique heritage and culture.
  • This is a country packed with ancient temples and historic palaces, thanks to the unbroken line of nearly 100 kings that existed here for almost two thousand years before the Japanese occupation of 1910.
  • In Seoul you can sip modern twists on traditional ginseng drinks served in teahouses, or feast on contemporary interpretations of dishes such as the Korean bibimbap. 
  • From Busan you can travel to glimpse sutra-chanting monks in a temple tucked away in the mountains, or simply wander the non-stop, neon-lit streets that line its stunning beach.
  • At festivals in Daecheon you can wrestle together in the mud at its annual Mud Festival, join in the exuberant traditional ‘Farmers’ Dance’, or simply chill on the beach with the locals as you sample the succulent barbecued galbi meat and shellfish.
  • Treat yourself to the non-stop delights of neon-lit Seoul and refresh yourself in intimate tearooms before you splash out on the Korean royal cuisine that is exquisitely prepared by the city’s lavish restaurants. In this modern city the past is never too far away, as the five beautiful royal palaces with their charming gardens reveal.
  • Head south west to admire the royal tombs in Gyeongju, staying by the natural beauty of the Bomun Lake. Take a boat out on the lake or stroll around its lush perimeter arm-in-arm as you soak up the glorious lush hills that provide an evocative backdrop.
  • Drop down the coast for culture and fun in Busan, or ‘Seoul by the sea’ as it is known. Here you can relax on the country’s most exclusive beach at Haeundae before you brave together the sights and sounds, smells and tastes of Jagalchi, South Korea’s most renowned fish market.
  • Journey back to the centre of the country to walk through the gingko-lined hills of Songnisan National Park, where gentle streams wind their way past the enormous golden Buddha which marks the location of the glorious temple of Beopjusa.

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