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If you're an adventurous couple looking for memorable honeymoon (perhaps where none of your friends have already been!) then South Korea might be just the ticket. It's exciting, unusual, and the food is simply incredible. Discover a new favourite streetfood dish on every corner, with cuisine varying from town to town. Jeonju's is so highly prized that it's been made a Unesco City of Gastronomy. Apart from food and a national passion for hiking in the beautiful National Parks, South Korea's attractions are definitely unique, with the visits famous De-militarized Zone probably topping the list for most. Oh, and there's the annual mud wrestling festival in Dacheon, which you can participate in as a couple. Just throwing that out there...

5 watertight arguments for a honeymoon in South Korea

  • It's unusual - we're willing to bet that none of your friends will've spent their own honeymoons here!
  • Amazing food - wherever you go, but especially in Jeonju, a Unesco City of Gastronomy renowned for its high quality cuisine
  • DMZ - SK's de-militarized zone might is not your typical honeymoon experience, but this is your chance to visit places you might otherwise never see
  • Japan - is just across the water, and makes for an intriguing two-country honeymoon
  • National Parks - from cherry blossom to awe-inspiring crags, South Korea boasts some gorgeous National Parks with an avid hiking scene
Andrew, tailor-made Asia specialist

'Drop down the coast for culture and fun in Busan, or ‘Seoul by the sea’, as it's known. Here you can relax on the country’s most exclusive beach at Haeundae...'

Andrew - South Korea Specialist

In focus...

Jeju Island

The jewel in the West Sea Islands’ crown is Jeju Island, and it makes the perfect place for some R&R time. Visit remote islands where you can escape the crowds on delightful white-sand beaches or stop off at tranquil Udo Island for a gentle bike ride around its coastline. 

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