Japan Honeymoons

Some may say Japan is the least obvious destination in our honeymoon repertoire, but it's easily one of the most intriguing, and delivers 'unique experience' like no other country we know.

Lively urban culture is balanced by beautiful ancient tradition, while superb natural landscapes provide a deeply satisfying backdrop to the swift rail journeys that whisk you between the inspiring cities and mountainous hot spring resorts.

While you won't find yourself flopping on a tropical beach for a fortnight (which isn't very 'Selective Asia' anyway), Japan's relative absence of beach resorts is easily answered by its sophisticated hot spring culture - mountain resorts with natural mineral pools and exclusive spa accommodation, where deep relaxation and beautiful scenery are the focus of your stay. How much time would you like to spend relaxing in an onsen, soaking away the wedding adrenalin? There are several within a couple of hours of Tokyo.


Why choose Japan?

  • Japan is seemingly tailor-made for private travel - it's extremely safe and inherently welcoming, with smart high-speed railways that connect some of the world's most compelling cities in a matter of hours, and immaculate hotels where customer service has almost become an art form. 
  • We can tailor an itinerary to your interests, but consider first how much you want to travel and how many destinations you’d like to visit. Would you like to spend time near other people, or would you rather hide away together? Would you like to experience as much as possible, or would you prefer a particular style of honeymoon with just a taste of the rest? 
  • How about a day or two strolling around Kyoto's tranquil temples, or indulging in Osaka's famous foodie culture? Would you prefer to start by having some fun in a sake brewery, or dressing in kimono (which is, these days, Japan's formal wedding outfit) for your own private tea ceremony? 
  • If tranquility is key, we can arrange for a few days stay in a mountain monastery at the seat of Japanese Buddhism, or perhaps you'd enjoy a morning's walk along the historic rural trails that connected towns and villages in the times of samurai. 
  • Maybe you want to spend the first few days of your Japanese honeymoon in Tokyo, luxuriating in a Park Hyatt suite with spectacular city views, and some of the world's finest nightlife on your doorstep. Whatever suits you best - we think Japan can deliver it with style.

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Annie, tailor-made travel specialist

Certainly not your standard honeymoon, any journey in Japan promises to be an exceptional experience. For newlyweds, we've got a range of ideas and special touches that will take this very special holiday into the next stratosphere! 

Annie - Japan honeymoon specialist