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Cambodia is one of the world's most exciting honeymoon destinations - its reputation grew around a breathtaking ancient wonder, but this buzzing country boasts gorgeous sandy islands, adventure-filled jungles and lively cities, along with a lot of great value stylish accommodation. Your honeymoon in Cambodia would be an adventure first and foremost, with the awe-inspiring Angkor Wat temples playing an important part in your trip. But from R&R in a floating tent beside the wildlife-rich Cardamom Mountains, to meet & greet with remote tribes (and maybe a few elephants) in Mondulkiri, we'll make sure you're even more richly rewarded by truly exploring the Khmer Kingdom!

5 persuasive excuses to spend your honeymoon in Cambodia

  • The Angkor templesevery bit as wonderous as their reputation, these ancient jungle temples are simply spectacular.
  • Affordable luxury - find gorgeous suites at reasonable prices in many of the stunning hotels hidden away throughout Cambodia.
  • Real wanderlust - free-thinking newlyweds can escape 'the trail' in the wild & beautiful eastern provinces.
  • Song Saa private island - this legendary resort takes secluded tropical luxury to the next level, with pitch-perfect ethics to boot.
  • Superb light adventurefrom jungle treks to kayaking the Tatai River, Cambodia is full of exciting ways to burn off steam.
Steve, tailor-made travel specialist

'The Angkor Temples are surely the perfect ending to any honeymoon. Most visitors are utterly mesmerised by the sheer scale of the temples and intricate detail of the carvings within.'

Steve - Cambodia Specialist

In focus...

4 Rivers Floating Lodge

One of our favourite places to hide away and enjoy the jungle is the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge on the Taitai River. You can only get there by boat, and you'll stay in a deluxe safari tent on a floating platform moored by the riverbank. There's even a fine dining restaurant connected to your tent by a floating walkway...

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Toasters shmoasters - we'd rather travel Asia for our wedding present! Our secure honeymoon Gift List service lets your family & friends contribute funds for your special trip. Read more on our Gift List page.


Leave it with us... Whether it's a gourmet breakfast in the grounds of Angkor Wat, or a private cruise around Tonle Sap, we can arrange whatever you think will make your Cambodia honeymoon personal to you. For ideas and how it works, visit our Bride's Day page.

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