Borneo honeymoons

World-class trekking, orang-utan encounters, marine life that makes dive-geeks drool, outstanding beaches... and luxury hotels in the rainforest?

A honeymoon in Malay Borneo will tick all the boxes, and then quite a few more! Perhaps your honeymoon is your chance to spot wildlife you thought you’d only ever see with the help of David Attenborough and the BBC. Or maybe you want to start married life by sharing some extraordinary light adventures. Either way, there’s a reason that this famous island is one of the world’s most desirable places for newlyweds. Out of respect to the habitat, accommodation is limited, so make sure you book well in advance...

5 irresistible reasons to spend your honeymoon in Borneo

  • Wildlife - from world-famous orang-utans & pygmy elephants to colourful birds you've never heard of, Borneo is home to thousands of exotic species
  • Adventure trek to meet rainforest tribes, travel through the jungle by boat, or go underground into Mulu's record-breaking caves
  • Rainforest lodges - stay in surprising luxury within carefully protected jungle areas
  • Pulau Gaya - just off Borneo's north coast, this lovely tropical island boasts two gorgeous resorts
  • Diving enjoy captivating marine life on expertly led dive trips & directly from your water villa's terrace!

One country not enough?

Malay Borneo combines very well with Peninsular MalaysiaSingapore & Indonesia for a comprehensive blend of bustling city, luxurious beaches, tremendous diving and rainforest splendour.

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Responsible Travel in Borneo

There's precious little left of Borneo's rainforest, with much of it now removed to make way for oil palm and other crops. What remains is generally protected, and home to tribes who've lived there for millennia, along with endangered species — the orang-utan, of course, the most famous of these. 

The island's biodiversity is the stuff of legend, and there's no exaggeration — one rainforest dipterocarp tree supports up to 1,000 species, and 40% of the island's 15,000 plant species can be found nowhere else on the planet. It's not limited to the rainforest, either — Borneo sits in the 'Sea Turtle Corridor', a protected area of ocean recognised as vital to marine life, with several turtle species laying eggs on Borneo’s offshore islands. 

For first-time visitors, we like to combine a stay in the rainforest (including a few short treks accompanied by expert trackers) with a visit to an ethical orang-utan rehabilitation centre, a wildlife-spotting boat trip along a jungle-clad river, and a few days at an island resort with a sound conservation policy. Participating in these activities and through your stay in our carefully selected, conservation focused lodges and resorts helps to ensure that part of your honeymoon spend makes it back to the  wildlife, environment and communities that needs it the most.

Find out more about Selective Asia's Responsible Travel policy and our innovative One Bottle at a Time initiative.

Your own Borneo honeymoon journey

Explore our Borneo itineraries for inspiration, but rest assured your honeymoon will be tailor-made just for you (two).

In focus: Danum Valley & Borneo Rainforest Lodge

As well as orang-utans, this pristine conservation area is home to troops of sociable macaques and athletic gibbons, over 300 species of bird, and an incredible variety of trees and flora. If you’re extremely lucky, you may get to spot the rare clouded leopard. To make your Danum Valley stay honeymoon-special, stay at the Premium villas at Borneo Rainforest Lodge.

Find out more information about staying at Borneo Rainforest Lodge and the best time to visit Borneo

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