Asia weather & when to go: March


March is a fantastic time for a holiday in Bhutan, with the chills and thick snow of winter giving way to springtime. The country is at its most attractive, and if you know Bhutan, you’ll also know that’s really saying something. Hillsides are carpeted in pretty rhododendrons, temperatures are mild, and both rainfall and humidity are low. Accommodation tends to fill up early for March, and visas are also in high demand. No surprises there...

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The good news continues with excellent weather expected throughout March. Temperatures across Cambodia are still rising and throughout the month are likely to average close to 30°C, perhaps higher as April approaches. The beaches on the south coast are in full bloom with any rainfall extremely unlikely...

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Whilst the beginning of March is still chilly across Japan, as the month progresses the temperatures increase and by the end of March, there’s a sense of Spring in the air, especially across the islands of Okinawa, Shikoku and Kyushu in the south. By the end of the month the much anticipated cherry blossoms make an appearance in Tokyo, Kyoto and southern regions…

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Things are starting to heat up across the country as we enter the penultimate dry-season month. The chances of rain remain very slim across the country and the mercury starts to rise with average temperatures of 29°C in Vientiane and Luang Prabang and 33°C further to the south. If you plan to travel in the north and east of the country, at higher altitudes, temperatures remain much cooler especially at night and suitable warm clothing is recommended...

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March sees an end to the monsoon on the east coast with islands such as Tioman, Perhentian & Redang seeing visitor number on the rise again. The west coast’s islands including Langkawi and Penang continue to enjoy hot sunny days, meaning you’ll be spoilt for choice if considering a beach holiday in March...

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It doesn’t get any better than March; arguably the best time of the year to travel in Burma. The downside to the great weather is of course the tourist numbers, and whilst these are anything but excessive, the limited choice of hotels in some key destinations means that it’s important to book early to avoid disappointment. With no rain expected throughout the month and the chilly winter feel in the highlands now a distant memory; you can expect excellent weather across the country. In the south and along the west coast, the beaches will be basking in sunshine...

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Be prepared for soaring temperatures and dry heat if you holiday in the Philippines during March. Average March temperatures hover around 28°C but will frequently climb as high as 33°C. Moving into the second half of the dry season, when the mercury starts to rise, the humidity can often make it difficult for sightseeing for any length of time. But, of course, this is also the ideal time to be in coastal resorts such as those on Palawan, or up in the mountains, where you can cool off and enjoy the variety of stunning Philippines landscapes in their full glory...

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Sri Lanka

Arguably the best overall month for optimum weather conditions throughout Sri Lanka, March is expected to showcase the very best of Sri Lanka across every region. A predominantly dry month, with temperatures averaging up around the mid-30s °C. On the east coast, things are also starting to warm up.
The Cultural Triangle, as is often the case, is expecting minimal rainfall, and the usual high temperatures. To the south, Kandy and the hills of the Tea Country are also at their finest, as the region experiences some of its lowest rainfall of the year, with temperatures expected to hover around the mid-20s °C...

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Temperatures will now be starting to rise throughout Thailand, and this is most often felt in Chiang Mai and the north of the country where the cooler winter months make way for the start of summer. Conditions remain dry in northern, central and southern regions making March one of the peak months to visit Thailand from a weather perspective...

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Amongst the best months to travel in Vietnam; conditions are at their very best with dry, bright weather expected the along the entire length of the country. The beaches of the south and central regions are enjoying hot weather with blue skies and plenty of sunshine whilst in the north it’s bright but much cooler. In both the mountains and highlands you can expect excellent trekking and adventure-activity conditions...

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Sarawak & Sandakan

Across Borneo, rainfall is either dropping or, in parts, is close to its minimum and March is traditionally one of Sabah’s driest months and a great month to visit...
In Sarawak, rainfall is decreasing as we come into March and the increase in the average number of dry days makes it well worth considering a visit...

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Spring has arrived, and March in Nepal is a colourful month. As the temperatures climb, the hillsides are covered in brilliant blooms - in particular the bright pinks and reds of the national flower the Rhododendron. Locals are multi-hued too: the Hindu festival of Holi is celebrated by dowsing people in a rainbow of coloured dyes. Along with the showers of dye, there's the odd shower of rain, so pack a light raincoat. And at higher altitudes it's still quite cold at night...

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March marks the start of spring in Taiwan and brings a welcome increase in average monthly temperatures, but this is mirrored by a similar increase in showery rainfall. In Taipei, you can expect temperatures in the region of 18°C and showers, but in Keelung on the north east coast it is still unseasonal, due to the north east monsoon clouds and squalls. March is a good time for hiking in the central highlands, whilst southern Taiwan is still enjoying ideal beach weather, with the temperatures in the southernmost regions around 25°C..

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March is still a fairly wet month across the islands of Indonesia, although rainfall eases off as the month progresses and the rain showers are less intense than in previous months. Sunshine can be expected between the showers and temperatures remain high with average temperatures of 27°C throughout the region. Towards the end of March highs of 32-33°C are not uncommon, especially on the islands of Java and Sumatra…

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South Korea

The long South Korean winter begins to draw to a close in March, but temperatures are still bracing and there will be plenty of snow on the ground. The coldest areas are in the mountainous interior, with the southern coast experiencing the mildest temperatures. Rainfall is low, as the winter here is relatively dry, but make sure you pack warm clothes. Temperatures in the north still dip below freezing, with Seoul ranging from -8°C to 3°C, whereas Jeju in the south records more bearable minimum temperatures of 4°C and a maximum of 9°C...

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Foreign travellers are not allowed to visit Tibet at all during March, a rule enforced by the Chinese authorities since 2008 due to several politically sensitive anniversaries that fall around Tibetan New Year. The weather in Tibet during March is beginning to warm up, especially in lower areas such as Lhasa and Nyingtri, which hosts the annual Peach Blossom Festival. While travel to remote areas becomes easier in March, melting snow may cause disruption, and temperatures can still drop well below 0°C after dark at higher altitudes...

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