When we say ‘light adventure’, what we really mean is we can create an experience featuring a dash of excitement or, for the more hardcore, can put together an unforgettable opportunity for the trekking enthusiast, diving devotee or those who want to truly escape.

Some of these activities are easily accessible, making them a perfect addition to a more traditional itinerary, while others are far removed from modern facilities, home comforts and developed infrastructure.

The array of choice is vast, but by way of whetting your appetite, how about a few days aboard a luxury yacht, sailing Myanmar’s magnificent Mergui archipelago? Or perhaps you'd prefer camping amidst the majestic Angkor-era ruins and temples of Cambodia, or trekking in the mountains of Nepal? A safari in the superb National Parks of Sri Lanka might suit your needs, or you could ditch the car and hop on a mountain bike to truly open up hidden corners where tourists rarely tread.

Tell us about an activity you enjoy or region you’ve always wanted to explore, and we’ll do the rest.

Our Light Adventure Experiences explained

Many of our itineraries feature a little wilderness, from a few hours of stretching your legs in a Cambodian National Park, or a day of kayaking to break up a cross-country journey through Laos. But those with adrenalin to burn might want to add a little (or a lot!) more action, so we’ve built a selection of Light Adventure experiences to challenge and energise even the hardiest hill-walkers and enthusiastic climbers.

  • Add them onto our existing itineraries, or choose a few that we can tailor into your ideal, custom-built holiday.
  • Use the search tool below to start exploring our Light Adventure Experiences.

Stunning landscapes full of exciting physical challenges

'Asia is full of opportunities for the willing adventurer - just let us know what you're up for and how much energy you have to spare!'

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Want to get a little adventurous?

A window onto our adventures

A window onto our adventures

From Kate's love of caves to Stephen's obsession with scuba diving, many of the Selective Asia team have a thirst for adventure. Our image gallery shares a few of the many activities they've tried & tested.

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Light adventure holidays in Asia

Light adventure holidays in Asia

Most of our itineraries can be adapted for family travel. We'll listen to your needs and make sure your holiday in Asia suits everyone who's going with you. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Tibetan Discovery

Laos Beyond the Ordinary

An Insider's Borneo

Adventure travel on our blog

Adventure travel on our blog

See how Simon fares when we send him into the deepest rainforests of Borneo on a camping adventure, or read about the most exciting dive spots around Sri Lanka. Our blog gets under the skin of all our destinations, and shares the insider experience we use to shape every one of the holidays we create for you.

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