Meet Scott

Long before Scott ever knew what he wanted to do in his professional life he knew he wanted to travel the world.

He would listen for hours to his grandparent's tales, one of whom travelled through Egypt and the Sudan before he and his best friend ‘Ginger’ were forgotten in South Africa and taken in by local families as their own; others as they travelled across North America, Australasia and spoke of the wonderment of Thailand. It all seemed so exotic for a small town boy from East Sussex.

As soon as he could, he started saving his pennies and embarked on his first exploration alone, flying to Australia as a fresh faced, naïve and somewhat ignorant 20 year old child. Whilst completely out of his comfort zone, he felt a real love of the unknown and has been chasing new adventures and experiences ever since.

He is approaching his 10 year anniversary since first visiting South East Asia as a backpacker. During this trip he fell in love with the temples of Cambodia, the adventure and landscapes of Vietnam and above all the food of Thailand! The different smells, sights, tastes and cultures stayed with him and in 2013 decided to spend a year teaching English in Bangkok. Not only was he rewarded with the experience of living in this wonderful and slightly bonkers city, but also took advantage to travel due to the sheer amount of school holidays.

For the last decade Scott has either been exploring the globe or being lucky enough to work in jobs where he is paid to talk to people about travelling and holidays. He has also spent time in NZ, South & North America and is frequently found engaging in conversations with others regarding future travel plans and previous experiences – basically trying to pinch ideas for his next adventure!

Destination Specialist
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Countries of expertise: Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia/Borneo, Vietnam.

Other Asian destinations visited: Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Bali.


It has got to canyoning in Da Lat. Having a slightly irrational fear of heights, this really took me out of my comfort zone. Being guided around the beautiful jungle of Vietnam, I spent the day sliding, jumping and abseiling my way to the bottom of the canyon. There really is no other feeling than rappelling down the face of a waterfall, or the pure adrenaline of jumping 10 metres into the water (or in my case, flapping my arms and hoping to fly!)


The best food for me can be found on street corners and markets throughout Thailand and is normally some kind of meat on a stick. My all-time favourite has to be the northern Thai curry Khao Soi, which is a delicious broth served with noodles rather than rice. Although hard to pin point what exactly puts this above the rest, the depth of flavour is like no other. 


As we hopped in a minibus meant for twenty, the forty of us was a bit of a squeeze! After eight hours into the long and winding journey to the border we were confronted by a road block. We spent our time playing cards with a local farmer and rationed our water. When the road opened, our journey continued until 20 minutes later when we crossed the river on a longtail. After negotiating with a local, he drove us in his songthaew to the provincial border. Thirty six long hours later I finally arrived at my destination!


For me trying to pick a favourite destination is like a parent trying to pick a favourite child. Whilst they all have their highlights, they all stand tall on their own merits. If I had to choose my favourite city then I would have to say Bangkok. After spending a year living in Bangkok, trying to get under its skin, I realised just how much more it has to offer than I first realised as a backpacker 10 years earlier. 

60 second interview

Most likely to say

"Where are we going next?"

Who is the person you'd most like to sit next to on a flight?

"100% it would have to be Dave Grohl. He was in two of the most famous rock bands of all time, has travelled the world many times over and even has his own food truck. He must be the coolest man on the planet and I really think we would be great buddies!"

What is your favourite aspect of travel?

"I love so much about travelling – the unknown adventure, beautiful landscapes, incredible food. But the one thing that stands above all others is meeting new and interesting people. That could be a local family from a hill tribe, an incredibly knowledgeable tour guide or even a like minded tourist from another part of the world to exchange travel stories. Especially when speaking to locals, you can’t beat picking up those little nuggets of ‘off the beaten track’ advice whether it be to a bar or waterfall that the masses have yet to discover."

Useful advice?

"Always consider travelling from destination to destination in the day. It is easy to worry that you are wasting time, that overnight travel will get you from A to B without losing valuable time, however I truly believe that sometimes the journey is better than the destination. So keep your eyes peeled, take your time not to rush – you never know what might be round the next bend."