Meet Marysia

I first started exploring Asia as a last-minute, spontaneous backpacking trip and since have returned again and again. The continent has captured me with its beautiful scenery, clear and exciting waters, kind locals and mainly the food!

I have always had a curiosity about Asia and the wonders that lie there. When the opportunity arose, I quickly bought my ticket and hopped on the plane. I started my journey in Bali and from there Asia stole my heart.

I spent the next 6 months taking in all the culture, the smells, adventure and eating my way through each country. I visited Bali, Gili islands, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand and then continued my travels to other areas in Asia in somewhat more luxury. Unfortunately, my backpacking had to come to an end but you couldn’t keep me away from Asia.

I have made several return trips to continue to explore the never ending mystery, dive with the turtles in the Philippines, walk the spice gardens of Sri Lanka and relax on the stunning beaches of the Maldives. More recently my travels have also led me to Peru, Tanzania, Morocco, Berlin and Canada. My passion is travel. I live and breathe it. I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to talk about it everyday at work and make other peoples' dreams come true.

Destination Specialist
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Countries of expertise: Sri Lanka & Maldives, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia/Borneo, Vietnam & Cambodia

Other Asian destinations visited: Indonesia, Singapore,  Laos, Japan


Eating? Does this count? Indulging in spicy Thai green curry whilst watching the sunset over the beach, to sitting on a stool next to a busy street in Hanoi using chopsticks to eat my bowl of noodles, to a delicious baguette filled with all kinds of delights on the side of the road in Laos. Eating is by far my favourite activity to get involved in!


This has to be a street snack I came across in Bali. Good old corn on the cob, covered in salt and chilli spices, grilled on the BBQ. Absolutely mouth-watering!


My Favourite journey has to be a once in a lifetime scenic hot air balloon ride over the mountains in Laos. As we took to the skies, I could feel the fire on my face, see the sun setting behind the mountains and wave to the locals walking on the streets below. It was a journey I will never forget!


I think this would have to be Sri Lanka. There is so much culture, adventure and wildlife to be seen and discover! I loved how the east coast beaches made me feel completely away from it all. The diving is incredible when laying on the beach got too much (does it ever?) and there was so much history under water to discover. Not to mention whale-watching, a truly enriching destination!

60 second interview

Most likely to say

"‘Where are we going next?’ I am a total culprit of planning my next holiday while I am still on my current one. I get so passionate and excited about being away somewhere new with so much to see and do, it makes me never want it to end! So, planning my next trip is vital so I always have a never-ending adventure waiting for me to discover…"

Who is the person you'd most like to sit next to on a flight?

"100% it would have to be Dave Grohl. He was in two of the most famous rock bands of all time, has travelled the world many times over and even has his own food truck. He must be the coolest man on the planet and I really think we would be great buddies!"

What is your favourite aspect of travel?

"I love being out of my comfort zone and doing something I never thought I would, arriving in a new destination and the excitement that comes with that! I also love getting away from busy life at home and putting my phone in the safe in the room and not picking it up again until you leave to come home or change destination. The escape from life at home is exciting and I think it is really important to use your time away to completely fall in love and discover the world around you."

What essential item is first in your bag?

"Sun cream… always have to make sure I stay safe and pack a high factor sun cream so I am ready for those long days exploring the wonderful temples that occupy Asia. Of course, being the water baby I am, I also need to keep topping up during my long lazy afternoons of sunbathing after a busy morning of diving and underwater discovery. The last thing you want is to be sunburnt and miss out!"