Why choose a tailor-made holiday?

Perhaps the question shouldn’t be ‘why tailor-made’ but ‘why not tailor-made’ – it really is the only style of holiday that ensures you do what you want, when you want and in the way you want. What’s not to like? Keep reading to find out whether a tailor-made holiday is right for you.

We design journeys that match your interests, desires and your energy levels. Whether your passion is for Cambodian cuisine, jungle trekking in orang-utan country, or exploring the backstreets of Osaka your tailor-made holiday will be expertly designed to maximise your time away. Perhaps you want to try camping in a national park in Sri Lanka, travelling through the classic sites of ancient cultures in comfort, or hiking the Himalaya on the Nepal/Tibet border  - whatever makes you tick, Selective Asia specialises in transforming complex requests into a seamless, well-organised holiday.

What sets us apart?

We're not alone in creating tailor-made holidays; there are of course many others out there doing similar things. Some we think are excellent, some less so. However, we tend not to focus on what's happening with the competition and concentrate on the things we know we do best.

We're local.

Our main office is in Brighton (UK), but we have local teams and partners in every country we work in. These local experts are our key to keeping our fingers firmly on the pulse across the region. Our Brighton team works closely with our locally-based colleagues, which undoubtedly gives us the upper hand when it comes to arranging unique experiences, dealing with challenges and overcoming obstacles. It also means that your holiday will be crafted using both local and international expertise, which is the ideal combination when creating holidays for the thoughtful traveller.

We go there.

We invest heavily in our UK team's expertise, and the only way to do this effectively is to put boots on the ground. Before launching any of our destinations, we will have undertaken a number of very detailed inspection trips. Most of us continue to travel independently throughout Asia, and we each visit the region with our professional hats on at least once every 18 months, to carry out detailed inspections. Between these visits, our local teams carry out monthly assessments to ensure we are up-to-date in all corners of their countries.

We have insider status.

Thanks to our painstaking research and excellent relationships, we have plenty of insider knowledge that can benefit you in many ways. We only recommend products and experiences that we’ve tried and tested ourselves, so you can be confident that they’re of genuinely high quality. More often than not, our relationships mean we can make big savings on parts of your holiday. Because we’ve been there ourselves, we know exactly where you’re likely to want to splurge, and where you can save without compromise - ultimately getting you the best value for money. And that’s before we even mention our ability to show you those places you won't find on Google Maps…

We offer expert support throughout your holiday.

Once you’ve made it to your destination, our local teams will be working hard behind the scenes to coordinate all the logistics on the ground. You’ll be free to soak up your surroundings, while they make sure you get from A to B. Their expertise also comes in handy on the rare occasions when things don’t go to plan, ensuring that you get back on track without any stress. We’re always a phone call away if you need us, and of course our expert guides will be on hand to answer any questions, show you around, translate impromptu conversations, and tell you about that friendly little local restaurant tucked away around the corner...

We're committed to our destinations.

For us, it's not about selling a product; we're passionate about Asia, and we want to do it justice. We live, breathe and eat Asia. Pop into our office and you'll discover a buzz of Asia-related activity, six days a week... and on Sundays we'll probably be dining on Asian food! We now operate in 19 Asian countries, most of which we've known and loved since our backpacking days. Like anywhere on the planet, some of our favourite destinations continue to modernise, just as others stay surprisingly untouched. We prefer to keep pace with each place - nostalgia might sell holidays, but when a destination doesn't match its legend, you might go home disappointed. Much better for us to keep in touch with what's really going on, and tell you about that instead.

We're not shy that you can travel for less.

In some cases, we recognise that you could DIY a similar-looking holiday for less money. That said, we're equally confident that you won't get the same level of service or quality of experience if you book it yourself. We can often recommend hotels and travel experiences that you simply won’t find online and there is no question that our team of Destination Specialists are the best placed to advise you on where to make the savings and where to splash out.

Our guides are the best in their regions, and add a layer of expert local access that you simply can’t get elsewhere.

Arranging itineraries this complex by yourself is time-consuming, and can be stressful. Even if you love the research and finding deals, you'll probably find it harder to relax on holiday when you’re responsible for everything going to plan. As one of our clients put it, 'We’re spoilt now we’ve experienced a holiday with Selective Asia taking care of us! We’ll be very reluctant to do it differently from now on’


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