Our Guides

At Selective Asia we believe that a key part of your holiday is having a knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide to greet you, to introduce you to their country and to ensure you leave with both fabulous memories and a smile. A great guide has the ability to bring your holiday alive and take you to places that the guidebooks haven’t even heard of yet! By travelling with these members of the local communities, you will be unlocking otherwise closed doors. A great guide offers you a real insight into the culture of their home country; they provide more than just dates or names; they are the key to getting you ‘under the skin’ of your destination.

When travelling in remote, rural or infrequently visited areas your guide will not only ensure that you benefit from your unique experiences but that you also understand local customs and cultures, helping you to interact with local folk who will almost certainly be as interested in you as you are in them!   

We pride ourselves on using only the best guides working in any region. The standard of every aspect of our holidays is constantly monitored through the provision of feedback forms provided for all clients upon their return home. All guides have been trained to the highest level and are certified and licensed within their region or country of operation.

On most of our holidays you will you change guide at some point(s) in your journey, most commonly after a flight from one region of a country to another. Your will also change guides as you cross borders between neighbouring countries. This ensures that you benefit from true local knowledge and expertise at all times. With Selective Asia, local means local!

Whilst we understand that you will want to take advantage of  the many benefits your local guide will bring to your time in Asia, we also appreciate that you will not want to be smothered by their attendance 24/7.  Because of this, the holiday itineraries on our website have varying amounts of  free time included, ensuring that once introduced to the highlights by your guide, you get to explore each destination independently. After all, half the fun is discovering that  most memorable little side-street cafe on your own!

Selective Asia Travel Guides