Visas Overview

Many visitors to Asia will have to obtain an entry visa to one or several of the countries they are visiting. In almost all cases the process is very straightforward.

In the majority of instances, you will be able to get these at land border crossings or at airports. At other times they will need to be obtained before leaving your country of residence – see below.

If you are obtaining your visa at any land border:

Remember to have several passport photos with you, taken recently and of a good likeness. You will need to pay for the visa with US $ and the notes should be crisp and new.

If you are applying for your visa before leaving for your trip:

You will be doing so with the relevant embassy in your country of residence. Your consultant at Selective Asia will be able to help you with this process.

Try not to leave your visa enquiries to the very last moment. This can prove to be very costly and at times may be irresolvable.

Select a tab for a general breakdown, country by country, of the current visa requirements and applies to most nationalities. It is important that you check at the time of booking or with the relevant embassies in your country of residence that these guidelines are applicable to you.