Sinouk Coffee Retreat

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    [1/15]  The garden cafe
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    [2/15]  Lodge Two
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    [3/15]  Lodge Two balcony and interior
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    [4/15]  Lodge One balcony
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    [5/15]  Lodge One overlooking the river
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    [6/15]  Lodge Two balcony overlooking the gardens
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    [8/15]  Lodge One dining area
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    [9/15]  Private seating area for suite in Lodge One
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    [10/15]  Master room, Lodge Three
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    [11/15]  Seating area by one of the lakes
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    [12/15]  Lodge One, riverside
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    [13/15]  Lodge One, lakeside
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    [14/15]  Suite bedroom
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Carefully run by Mr Sinouk, owner of a successful organic Laotian coffee brand, the Coffee Retreat is a cluster of charming wooden plantation lodges set in attractive landscaped gardens within an 86 acre coffee estate. Guests can explore the plantation at leisure, and head out into the beautiful nearby countryside for gentle hikes and strolls.

Each lodge contains between four to six rooms and suites, each presented in a traditional local style - there’s an abundance of rattan, with walls and much of the furniture made from the light woven stems, which (when harvested correctly) are one of the more sustainable materials available for interior design. Soft white linens and colourful regional textiles adorn the beds and seating areas, of which there are many - you’ll have plenty of places to sit and relax with views of the garden and countryside. Many rooms have private balconies or verandahs, and all have en-suite bathrooms.

The pavilion restaurant benefits from a pleasant garden setting and serves a good selection of dishes from southern Laos and South-East Asia, as well as some Western favourites, while the adjacent cafe offers light snacks and - of course - a comprehensive coffee menu.

We Say

"Full of natural charm and local appeal - especially fascinating to stay on the plantation itself."


Lak Khao Village, Paksong-Thateng Road

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  • Your Accommodation
    • 18 rooms & suites
    • Standard room amenities
  • Eating & Drinking
    • Cafe & restaurant
  • Leisure & Relaxation
    • Coffee plantation
    • Large private estate
    • Botanical gardens

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