Honeymoon Budget

Sharing all the facts

Along with knowing your budget it is essential that we know as much about your plans and expectations as possible. We appreciate that you may have previously ‘shopped around’ and are likely therefore to have seen a certain hotel, activity or other aspect of a honeymoon that you liked the look of. If this is the case then please let us know- one of the great advantages of selecting a tailor-made honeymoon is that we can incorporate virtually anything to meet your needs.

Honeymoon Budget

Tailor-made means just that – we are creating your unique honeymoon. Along with discussing your honeymoon plans such as desired destinations and the correct balance of relaxation, culture and activity, it is important for us to know what financial boundaries we are working within

Knowing your budget

It is never a comfortable moment when asking honeymooners about their budget - the automatic, and understandable assumption is that we are simply going to charge you the full amount. To a certain extent the honest answer is that we are, or certainly somewhere close to it – this is the nature of tailor-making a honeymoon. You set us the targets and limits and this is what we will work to. It allows us to suggest the perfect hotels, the best airlines and the most suitable locations.

Knowing your budget restraints helps us to create the perfect honeymoon for you and your wallet!

Tips for keeping your budget in check

Exclusive hotels and resorts can be very restrictive on your budget. Your consultant will have plenty of ideas of how to make your budget go further. We personally inspect 100’s of hotels on a yearly basis to ensure that we know where to find those all important views, or balcony jacuzzi’s!
Booking your honeymoon well in advance will only ever work in your favour. Genuine ‘last minute deals’ are few and far between and it is never worth gambling on your honeymoon.
Avoid flying between three or four countries on your honeymoon. It’s worth keeping these to a minimum - not only are they surprisingly expensive, you don’t want to spend half your honeymoon in an airport!
Give yourself time to breathe – after all the planning and excitement of your big day, take a few days out at the beginning of your honeymoon to relax and simply enjoy the memories.
Set up a Selective Gift list: Why not let your friends and family help – read more


'Don't just assume you can't afford it. Often just a few 'tweaks' will bring your honeymoon into budget.'

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Many of Asia's hotels offer special honeymoon packages and discounts. All of these will be passed directly on to you.