Indulge in a little horse play

Riding past an Angkor Temple Entrance to Happy Ranch, Siem Reap

Horse Riding at the Angkor Temples

The best way to make your honeymoon extra special is to mix in one or two unique experiences, & The Happy Ranch near Siem Reap certainly offers one of those! Saddle up at sunrise to explore trails through rural Khmer villages, rice paddies & deserted Angkor-era temples on horseback. How better to escape the crowds & visit these magnificent temples!? Your hack leader will tailor the riding style to your ability or preference, although it satisfies most to trek gently through villages as they start their day, join children making their way to school & share fields with farmers working with their buffalo.

 *** We say ‘I was lucky enough to catch a stunning sunrise over the misty rice fields along with my guide Chey & bay guilding, Hero – I don’t generally like mornings, but I would do that over & over again!’ Gabi