Explore Beng Mealea
& Ko Ker

the tents we use at Beng Mealea Watch Video Wall carvings at Koh Ker

Step back in time & escape the crowds

With the crowds at the most famous Angkor temple sites often being counted in their 1000’s, many visitors are unaware that there are further lying temples where the crowds can often be counted on just one hand.

The 10th century capital of Koh Ker is just two hours drive from Sien Reap. Whilst there are known to be over 200 temples within the boundaries of this ancient city, only 96 have been discovered thus with much of your time most likely to be spent at just one; Prasat Thom, much of which is partially buried.

Despite the damage, it’s a hugely rewarding morning and in our opinion amongst the finest temple experiences in Cambodia.

Close by is another of the lesser visited temples - Beng Mealea, similar in size to the better known Angkor Wat (both were built by Jayavaram VII). Utterly swallowed by jungle, and with minimal restoration work, it is easy to imagine what it must have been like for early explorers discovering these temples for the first time.

Both sites are easily reached in a day-excursion from Siem Reap, but for clients requiring even more excitement, a nights camping can also be arranged, allowing you to explore the temples by torch light!